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  1. Normal account, and I would still love to do it, clear mind from credit I won't withdraw and clear my mail inbox. Can I write somewhere other than forums?
  2. After whole tilia things wanting my every personal info I decided to delete account. I clicked delete account yesterday and as you can see, it's still on. Now when I click delete account it's just shows my account information. All help and support links brought me to the forums, so here I am. Thanks for any reply in advance.
  3. I found 6 examples in this blender tutorial, but I don't think they are too old or broken (no finger bones, bones with wrong rotation point etc). And this slav thing. I wish it worked. When I try to load model, it says wrong file format (model provided with slav).
  4. 1. I use 3ds max. 2. Uploaded few models to SL already. And now. I want to try to make clothes for SL in 3ds max. But I don't know how to make it fit SL models, what bones are named etc. Also, maybe some simple shirt or something for example. I just want to see how it looks in max, also, to make sure my clothes would fit. All tutorials I found are for blender. So. What I need is model of stock SL body and if you have such a thing, example of something rigged for avatar to wear. I should be able to learn rest myself.
  5. So I'm using firestorm for long time, never had problem like this Yesterday everything works fine today, not. I can't attach ANY object to my avatar, only this texture things, like t-shirts, socks, skin etc. I tried to attach by every way. So the solution is somewhere else, and I'm sure this, and answer like "try double click on item in inventory" or "Make outfit, right click, wear - replace all" etc. etc. etc. You got a point, these will not help. I see everyone doesn't have problems with avatars, so that are not SL developers causing the problem. I tried google it, but nothing help me out. Also, I think it's much serious problem, so if anyone have contact with SL authors, this would help me too ;) . And if I don't solve it, there is no point to play SL :( .
  6. When I try to bulk: 1. I can't bulk models 2. I can't bulk anything else because of lack of L$ on preview grid. Also, this will be lame, but can't find on google how to get them.
  7. So I need there them too? I read that is free there. So That could be a problem because, I don't have any. I could say you solve my problem, but there is another thing. In upload menu, I have things like animation, but is dark gray so I can't click on it.
  8. You need to be on a mesh region (lookup "mesh" on nworld map) (done?) I tried these worlds http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Mesh_regions . And can't see "model" in "upload" menu on development viewer.
  9. Thanks for Not reading my post >.> . I know where it should be, how I said, it is there in normal viewer on aditi, but not on development viewer!
  10. So, I have one thing to ask. I wanted to try send a model on SL. So I created one in max, exported to dae (or dea don't remember now). So, from what I found, I need to be on mesh sandbox on aditi, so I go there, choose upload model and on this point, I could see preview of my model, clicked upload and... here is a problem, I can't see it in objects folder and meshes folder doesn't exist. Also, I can't see my model in recent item. So, I find out, I need another viewer (development one), but in this one, on mesh sandbox I doesn't have option to upload model, only animation, sound etc. So how you uploading models guys?
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