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  1. thanks alot ^ wish u visit the land and tell me your own opinion ^
  2. Hi , I have Freebies land Contains all free items over Hundred vndors like : Clothes , Homes , Huds ... etc helping Newbies reisendts to find what they need for free 0 Lindins. It is also sandbox land to rez and open and buildndors are free ... To visit the land : SoNaTa Freebies & Sandbox, Kassandra http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kassandra/226/172/21 I Want add the land in Destinations Guide so pople find it fast and easy i mean like this pic : http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/685/16390445.png so how i add the land to Destinations Guide?
  3. ty alot i will try it today and tell you
  4. hello , hru all iam going move to new work locaition the only way to connect internet just by the USB Flash Net by my laptop but the bandawith package is limited i will get pacjage 2 Gigabyte just so can it be enought for me for 2 weeks to brow sl ? or sl takes alot bandawith then this ? also there bandawith package for : 5 Gigabyte & 8Gigabyte plz if someone has same tell me, ty !
  5. i never give pass to any one also i use second life viewer 3.3.0 i download always from the official site secondlife
  6. that what makes me crazy no one named 1236 Coy also if he disable account i think will written under his name Disable i saw many accounts before like this , i hope lindins lap get money back from his accont details if he banned and send it to me , also the steal operation happen in land called Vulcano away from the group i joined so i think something happen i cant understand .
  7. no it was free the group i didnot pay any lindins , also owner of group not shoen in the transition history it is anather avi the man who still the money his name is 1236 Coy but owner of the group not him , any way i will rethink again and tell u , but is there any way to return money back i need pay for my lands and stores !
  8. i think yes it is some track thing i try to remember iam confuse little but let me make test and show u pic when i joined to new group maybe
  9. yes while iam offline but no one has my password , and i change it now
  10. i joined to group today then when i go out of sl this happent to me
  11. hi i have strange problem .... from 1 hrs and 30 mintues i log out from sl and i clear cashe and i sutdown the pc for 1 hrs nearby . then when i log again to sl i found my balance convert from 10000 lindins to just 30 lindin ! so i check my Transaction History and here is pic for it ! General pics for Transaction History today it saysthat i gived someone named 1236 Coy in Region: Vulcano 10000 lindins as gift and this never hapent ! i donot know any person with this name also i didonot convert this 10000 lindins to any one also when i searced fot this name i donot find
  12. ty alot u are good people i make support ticket https://support.secondlife.com/case-details/01329524/ also this https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7639 loll i miss my kids there alot ^^
  13. hi all i havve strange problem when i log in by my user sonata1986 it tells me this problem i canot log in for the pacific time ! i mean look to the pic i tried his solutions and it didnot worked : 1_ i unstill the viewer and re setup it didnot works too 2_ i setup many viewers types and didnot works too. 3_ i setup many versions of sl viewer didnot works too 4_ i setup new window and then sl viewer didnot works too 5 _ i tried all this also on my laptop and my pc all donot work ! 6_ i tried this solution and it didnot work ((( 1. Open Second Life Preferences to the General tab and ch
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