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  1. Check it out here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jinseok/72/240
  2. Ah, nevermind. It was a bug. I logged out and back in and that fixed it. Thanks though.
  3. I've got a piece of mainland and upon going to create a group to rent it, I can't contribute the land to the group. This is a problem as I already have a renter lined up. Each time I put the amount in to contribute, I hit the amount in, save, and nothing happens. Is this a bug?
  4. Cute little skybox for rent. I'm no big real estate person, just renting this out for pretty cheap because I'm not using it. The land is pretty fresh and for the most part empty, so you won't have any real lag issues or annoying neighbors. It does overlook the water, which is quite nice in my opinion. I'm online all the time, though I'm not terrible sociable (ironic, I know), but if it's landlord/tenant related, please don't hesitate to IM me. I'm pretty relaxed and open. The rent is L$50 a week. Payment will be made via a rentbox, which can be found outside on the lower deck around the corner. I tried to make the rentbox fairly out of the way. If you'd like to rent it, you needn't do anything more than make the initial payment. I'll add you to the group the moment I get it and you can begin moving your things in and what not. The home is not furnished. It does have a working fireplace with noise you can turn on and off, as well as a sliding door and teleport from the skybox to the ground. You can put whatever you'd like at either level, but please do keep in mind it's a moderate rated region. Please do not use it for sales either-- this area is residential. I'm a firm believer in privacy; I will not invade your home or bother you so long as rent is maintained. Have a good one. - Nox.
  5. Any advice is always welcome. Arton: I have in fact read all of those, haha. I'm definitely going with my own collision mesh, since decomposing has too much limitation here. I've got closets and pantries (this is a full house) and it's just too delicate to trust the wonky SL collision handling. So basically I upload my physics shape as a .dae by itself and rez that in game? Do I just drop it inside of the house, or do I need to do something special when I upload either? That's the kind of stuff I get stuck at. I've only barely started using SL (the last few days really) and I'm completely unfamiliar with the interface. Aeon: Yeah, I searched it thoroughly, as well as google. But basic instructions are really hard to find when it comes to SL. Blender isn't so much my issue. I've gathered the information you just gave already in regards to prims and building your own dae and so forth and so on, but I can't find a single article that says, "follow these steps to get from point A to point B".
  6. Doesn't help that it's been ages (about 2 years) since I've used blender, heh. I ended up creating a new layer and basically rebuilt the entire house structure with a flat plane (following the floorplan, sort of) then extended it up to the highest point of the house. I'd like to tinker with it, though I'm not sure how you'd go about loading 'em. My issues are -usually- less about blender and more about how to adapt things to second life, and it seems there isn't a whole lot of info about those things out there. Ignore the lack of roof for now.
  7. Thanks guys. Rhakis hit it dead on and it looks great now. Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to make the physics mesh. Doesn't appear that there's a single tutorial out there on making 'em. Looks like you need to use layers or something?
  8. OKAY so, I got the first issue handled, and I'm just going to edit this so I don't make another thread. Are there any tutorials out there on how to make a collision/physics mesh? I can't seem to find any at all. Even a basic explanation (I'm vaguely aware using layers is best?) would be useful. I'm back with another issue (cough). So I put some textures on the house I'm building, and in blender they look great. I started with making vertex groups (living room floor, roof, etc) to easily grab them whenever. Then I'd select a group (making sure the proper faces are selected), create a material for it, and once it was ready, hit 'assign'. Then I'd do a UV unwrap for that material. Rinse and repeat. Once I upload to SL though, the entire house is covered in one material; the roof tiles. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I'm used to blender 2.4+ versions and just popped back onto it recently. I'm adjusting to the 2.66 version and maybe I'm just rusty or missing something really simple. No idea. I've double-triple-quadruple-checked to make sure the roof tile isn't assigned to anything but the roof faces. I can email the blendfile if needed.
  9. I feel so stupid, hah. That was the issue, thanks. And that's awesome, glad I'm not the only one. It's cool to put a skill to use in SL.
  10. I made a house in blender3D and tried to export it to second life in aditi. While I'm fairly familiar with blender, I'm not so much with second life, and this was my first mesh upload attempt. It looks good in the preview, but the moment I rez it, I get this big jumble of weird triangle chunks. Tried to clear cache, put all my settings on low, moved to a new area-- nothing has changed. I'm not using modifiers or any kind of script. It's 100% mesh as well. Applied everything via CTRL + A prior to exporting as collada. This is what I'm getting: This is what it actually looks like:
  11. So I guess it's not just me. I was in the process of searching the MP for rugs and I finally gave up. The majority of the pages I dug through had the wrong images and regularly went to random pages that weren't even rugs at all, or just the MP front page. I guess LL is fine with losing a ton of customers...
  12. Alright, thanks. I thought it might be a group, though I can't seem to find any info in Land or anything like that. I've sent a message to the owner and hopefully they'll contact me.
  13. I just rented a space in a roleplay/mall land and when I put an item down in my store it gets removed a moment later, then sent back to me as lost and found. I can't seem to find a manager or anything to ask about it, or any information anywhere in the area. Is this normal? How do I get around it?
  14. SO. I'm brand new to the whole selling things on SL deal. I made a single item that I thought I'd try testing the waters with; a cheap, basic skin. Went through all the processes and moved it into my outbox-- which then hung in a perpetual state of "initializing" mode. So I googled the crud out of the error. Did everything I could think of to no avail. Came across a viewer made for specifically for this issue here. Downloaded, installed, ran. And now I'm getting, "the marketplace store is returning errors". I don't even know what to do anymore. - Tried reinstalling both viewers. - Made sure my store is up and ready. - Made sure all my settings are english (given, they always have been). - Made sure there wasn't any bugs with the skin itself. It's a very simple skin with nothing special.
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