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  1. I recently purchased a new laptop running the HD 4000 card. My last laptop had a dedicated graphics card that ran SL flawlessly, but it ran so hot I developed motherboard issues. The new laptop runs SL---but not without issues. I have a terrible case of the jaggies, so apparently anti-aliasing isn't functioning at all. I often get crashes if I"m in a crowded sim or try to teleport. However, the HD card WILL run SL... most of the time and with compromises. If you are a dedicated SL player, I would recommend a desktop unit that can run cooler with a fast card. I've not found an affordable, reasonably portable laptop that can run SL adequately.
  2. Ok, I tried some thing today and have narrowed down the problem. I can edit my shape just fine if I just click on my avatar and select to edit shape. The problems come when I try to edit the shape using the tools in the Outfit menu. As soon as I select "new shape" I go Ruth. Using Character Test (see note above) without success. I'm using SL viewer 2.0. I've also tried the new Phoenix Firestorm Beta viewer and have the same issue. Strange.... Since I found a workaround, though, I can live with the bug.
  3. I've been in SL since 2006. I came back about 8 months ago after a year absence. Ever since then, I cannot edit my shape. Whenever I first click on edit shape, my avie goes immediately to some kind of Linden basic shape (huge eyes, big shoulders, etc.) My hair, clothing, and skin will be mine, but just the shape changes. The Ruth shape remains even if I don't save changes. I can revert to my old shape only by wearing an old saved shape. I've tried the Character Test trick and clearing the cache. Nothing seems to help. Thankfully, my shape is tolerable, but I'd sure like to be able make some tweaks as I change skins and so forth. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Glance has two excellent Asian female skins. The one is use is called "Ling." It has a northeast Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) color and features. The Ling is now in the discounted section of the store. Each makeup is just 500L at the discounted price. I bought the plain makeup and then add my own eyeliners and blushes using layers. Laq also has a skin called Mima that fits an Asian shape well. Laq has a shape to match it. The two together look more southeast Asian or Pacific Islander to me. One problem is that Japanese designers themselves don't tend to produce "realistic" looking skins. Most Japanese members I know want to go either with the anime type look or go Western. FWIW, I am of Japanese descent in RL. I've been in SL since 2006 but haven't posted in the forum until now.
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