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  1. that is not a True AI in the definition of artificial intelligance i have given. a smart phone doesn't even fit the definition of a true AI, the HAL 9000 in space odessy is a great example of a true AI. the terminatore played by Arnold Swartzenegger is a good example of a true AI,  an lsl script made to simulate an AI function is NOT a true AI,

  2. wrong, that is nOT what a true AI is,  an if then statment is nothing more then a program a set of instructions, there is no AI in that, that is NOT the definiotion of a true AI, do these games, think? do they learn? do they formulate their own choises and opinions with oit the influince of the user? NO. a true, AI is a computer or machine that Thinks, learns, and makes it's own disitions with out the influince of the user. gaming machines are no where NEAR  that level and niether are a series of  if then statments. do your research.

  3. Seriously these forums don't work, it's pointless to vent or express our concerns on these forums , as lL continues to ignore whats on these forums, Lindens do NOT read these forums, , the ONLY thing LL seems to respond to is open letters with a petetion, thi is the only thing that going to work now, that and a compleat boycott of Secondlife, how bout this, a second Life black out day, were NO ONE  logs in for 48 hours, no one buys or exchanged lindens for $, no one uses the web sites, jira's or forums, a compleate black out, 0 traffic, this will get LL's attention. and for 1 month NO ONE  pays their sim teirs, land rents, and parcel tiers, for 1 month NO ONE pays their monthly acount fees. this will get LL's attention in a BIG way.

  4. THAT is the WRONG attitude to take, Apathy is the one thing we do not need on SL. the answer is lets host our own SL8B sim, if LL won't do then it's up to us. I'm willing to display my photo gallery if someone is willing to open or host an SL9B art exsibition.

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