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  1. If you own the group or have manager-level privileges in it, you set the radio for sale (for L$0) and then buy it from the group. You should be aware that when you do that, you will not regain any permissions you may have had before you deeded it. You will get whatever "next owner" permissions you gave the group when you deeded it. This can be particularly annoying if you deeded an item that you created yourself and once had full perms on. But of course this is why we always keep a backup copy of our own stuff. :smileywink:
  2. There is no "Firestorm server", so I suspect you mean that you have been using the Firestorm viewer. Your avatar appearance, however, IS controlled by SL's servers. You seem to have a specific version of bake fail. This is generally the result of the viewer not loading or using all the bake data - which may be a sign of a connectivity problem. If it persists, try going to a different region, preferably a known low lag one like Hippo Hollow or Cyclops. The first thing to try is a Tex.Refresh. Right click on your avatar name tag and select Tex.Refresh: Context menu: right click → Texture refresh Pie menu: Right click → Appearance → Tex refresh. If this does not help, chances are very good that one of the textures on the (layered) clothing you' re wearing, is bad. Remove all worn layered clothing, then Tex.Refresh as described above. If this results in a fully baked, naked avatar, start re-adding the clothing layers, one at a time. One will probably show entirely or partly grey. This will be the one with the corrupted texture(s), and needs replacing. If you are still grey, or partly grey with no layered clothing worn, try a different avatar skin, see if that rezzes in correctly. If so, then the problem is with the avatar skin. For more info, see this LL JIRA. This issue can also occur if you are using a cellphone connection to access SL. This is currently under investigation by LL. For more, refer to this forum thead. This issue can also occur if you are having DNS problems. The DNS problems usually occur in such a way that the only symptom you will see will be grey avatar textures and the problem can be intermittant. The workaround for this is to change your DNS to Google Public DNS. Incidentally, be very cautious about using SL viewers that are not on the list of compliant Third Party Viewers (Hybrid is not). Viewers that are not on that list have either declined to self-certify their compliance with Linden Lab policies or been refused for noncompliance with the policies. Some are perfectly good and reliable. Others may represent security risks.
  3. You think you have it bad, Snugs? At least you and your alt have different names. Ever since R1 created me, I haven't been able to tell myself apart. She even hid my password so I couldn't log in to type this.
  4. It's all done in a control event in your script. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Control for an example and syntax.
  5. Rolig

    Building question?

    If you are creating 3D mesh items, you can use any program that will ultimately let you export a Collada (.dae) file for Second Life. Many people use Blender, which is powerful and free, and for which there are a zillion tutorials on line). Others use Google SketchUp, which is also free, or Wings3D. Both of those are easy to use, though less powerful than Blender. If you want to spend the money on a professional program that's widely used, try Maya. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh If you're making sculpties -- much less important and more restrictive than mesh, but still viable in SL today -- the JASS-2 package (free or in an inexpensive "Pro" version from machinimatrix.com) is the easiest way to go. It uses Blender with plugins that format your sculpty files properly for export. MOST people don't do any of this, because the stanbard building tools in SL serve their needs quite well. The basic editing tools that every SL resident has in his viewer are quite versatile and powerful. A very high percentage of what you see in SL every day was built with those tools. Before you begin using any external program, then, be sure that you know how to use what you already have. See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Build-Tools/ta-p/700039 and then consider taking building classes at Builders Brewery or Caledon Oxbridge University in world.
  6. Just build yourself a llDialog menu that points to many llMapDestination places. See the LSL wiki for information about those functions and here for a nice tutorial on creating a dialog menu.
  7. I am having the same problem, Nyll. AND .... I can't log in as me again, same as yesterday. This is my alt speaking........... Why can't LL quit messing around with this forum software and get it right? :smileyfrustrated::smileymad:
  8. Don't start cheering yet, team. It's still broken. I can't log in as me this morning, so this is my alt speaking..... AGAIN. Waaaaaahhh!
  9. At least until things calm down, close the sim to everyone and then create a whitelist of people who are allowed on the sim. That's less work than trying to maintain a long and increasingly unwieldy list of banned avatars. In the short term, I know that means that many people who would like to enter the sim will not be able to. If you are lucky, though, it won't take more than a few weeks before the griefers get tired of trying to enter and look for someone else to bother. Then you can open the sim again. Meanwhile, continue to file ARs as fast as you can. Include plenty of photos and be sure to get names.
  10. I agree, Dora. This was fun to approach as a puzzle but my script was overkill for anything I'd put into a working device. We have somehow gotten out of the habit of doing puzzles here recently, so thank you for the mild push that goaded me into posting this one. Ela's approach is much more practical. I'm posting as my alt today, BTW. LL's saboteurs are messing with the forums, so the real me is having a hard time logging in.
  11. Nicely done and compellingly compact, Ela. I like it. It beats all the list operations.
  12. Thanks, Innula. That's mildly reassuring. Misery loves company, and all that. With luck, whoever in LL is mucking about with the forums will get tired and go home so that we can get back to normal. Meanwhile I can at least get on with my alt, although she'll claim my frequent flyer miles.
  13. Do you get any error message when you crash? What is it? What are you doing when you crash? Is it always the same thing, like teleporting? Are you on wireless (please say no)? Have you tried removing any scripted objects (including HUDs) that you may be wearing? What have you tried? You can add important information to your question here by clicking on the Options link in the upper right corner of your question and selecting EDIT. Please do NOT start a new thread. BTW, it probably doesn't have anything to do with your problem, but your caps key seems to be stuck. Try toggling the Caps Lock key a few times to free it up.
  14. Ooooo! That's exactly what's happening to me. So there's hope? /me wonders if maybe she should eat lunch...........
  15. From the friendly folks at Firestorm..... It can happen, at times, that single items, or one or more folders of items, get placed below the standard main folders: My Inventory and Library. Attempts to move or delete these items/folders result in a crash. This is a known server issue which goes back a few years at least. Firestorm brings a way to repair this. Right click on the folder and you should find an entry “Move to Lost & Found”. Click that, and the folder will be moved to your Lost And Found folder. From there, you may drag it to where it belongs.
  16. Yeah, except for the one telling me that I have a PM, I'm not getting notifications either. In fact, the forum software has been doing other odd things for the past few days... requiring me to do a full login each time now, posting new threads in clumps of four or five at a time instead of posting them as the OP creates them.... I wish they'd stop playing with the buttons.
  17. When I log in, the banner at the top greets me with its normal "Welcome, Rolig Loon" , so I'm logged in, but the page itself tells me that Support is down. If I try to navigate to any part of the forums, the "Welcome, Rolig Loon" disappears and I am not logged in any more. There's nothing in the Grid Status blog this morning to suggest that there's a problem, and I can log in just fine with my alt (That's how I'm typing this). Other people are clearly in the forums too. But I'm not. Is anyone else having this problem today? I should add that although I cannot navigate to anywhere in the forums from my login page, I can navigate to anything else -- Marketplace, my dashboard, land. And I can log in to SL itself and goi in world. I just can't get anywhere in Support. If I do, I'm logged out again. EDIT: Hehe... Thanks, Grif and Val. Yeah, cleared browser cache, cleared cookies, tried two other browsers, restarted the machine a couple of times, sang silly songs, tried a couple of incantations ...... On the bright side, my alt has been bumped up two ranks this morning. :smileytongue: BTW ... I can see that someone left me a PM, but I can't read it.... don't even know who it was. I hope they're patient. EDIT AGAIN: I tried logging in on my trusty 7-year-old laptop that always works .... no soap.
  18. Dunno. I just clicked the link to check before I typed my note, and that's what's there. It all looks quite simple to me.
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