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  1. LIGHTBULB MOMENT, I decided to visit my ancient looking linden labs home that is 80 prims and unfurnished and looks like something that was built in 03 and thought to myself, why isn't LindenLabs Updating their homes with mesh?, I mean like, good lord, They could fully furnish a mesh home with 1/2 the prims of the outdated Premiums homes they have now. I think the good people at LL should ponder on that for a bit I mean use half the prims, give the new citizens a nice looking home and more prims from all the prims you be saving from updating to the new mesh.
  2. Good afternoon everyone i have a question pertaining to attaching a prim ring to a mesh hand without it moving all over the place. it seems when i attach the ring as you would normally on a classic avatar it doesn't move with the hand i was wondering if someone could guide me on how to do it. sorry to bother you all btw, simply frustrated.
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