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  1. So what does this mean for the average SL user?
  2. I just started selling items on Market Place. I cannot figure out how to remove the empty listings from my store. I have sold all but 3 of my items and would like to remove the ones that are no longer available. I use a an SL XStreet magic box to send them to MP.
  3. I am having trouble getting an update for something i bought via Market Place and the creator wants my transaction number but my history will only go back one month. Please help!!!
  4. I have a prepaid credit card on my account for my billing info and just added money on it to pay for an outstanding balance of 15 USD. The money is not being taken off and it still says there's a problem with my account. Can someone please give the phone number for the Billing Department. I had it at one time in my prifate massages but cannot locate it.
  5. Yesterday I tried to downgrade my account to basic and it says I have to release all land that I own. I sold this parcel over a month ago to someone so why does it still show that I own the land. I can't even find the land anymore. I had another parcel and released that successfully yesterday. I don't know how to fix this but need to downgrade ASAP. Pretty sure it was not deeded to any group but if I did how would I even know what group? I just did everything that you suggested and cannot reset the land value it will not let me. So I submitted a support ticket.
  6. Is there a way to increase the number of prims you can have on your land? I am only allowed 263 prims on the land.
  7. I bought a parcel of land a few days ago and when I look for it on the map and click on it it says that the land is there. When I teleport to the land it is not there. It says I am actually in the next parcel. What do I do about getting my money back or at least getting my land to show up in world as well as on the map. Is it because it is for sale again? And yes it is on the mainland when I click on the adjoining parcel's land [Rivula 14, 174, 44 (Mature) - robot pad] at the top of my screen, what is supposed to be mine is now included in that land. It's highlighted with yellow. It's almost as if they took my land but I don't see how. It's group owned land and is owned by a group called Trav's and was claimed today at 01:17:40 2012. Something is not right with this at all.
  8. When I try to add more than ten items it says I cannot have more than that in my cart. Do I need to change something?
  9. I upgraded my account last Thursday and was wondering if I will recieve a notice when my 300 L dollar weekly allowance is put on my account. I'm new to the premium account and do not understand why when I check my transactions for this it says 0 transactions. I have had the premium membership for 1 week now and still haven't received any notice of any kind.
  10. I ordered something that was 990L while in busy mode (forgot) and the item says it was delivered but it never came to me. Is it because I was in busy mode?
  11. Trying to find a good internet provider BESIDES Comcast. Any suggestions? I heard that HughesNet is horrible for Second Life.
  12. For 2 days there were numerous folders in my inventory including my objects folder, that showed up as empty...there was no arrow beside them indicating contents. I waited and waited to see if they would show up and they didn't. So I went ahead and deleted and purged the items. Well now when I login all of my objects are back in the object folder; so that lets me know that the items were there it just appeared that they weren't. I think it was somewhere around 6,000 items. If there is a way to get these items back I would like to find out how to do it please thanks.
  13. I accidently clicked on something and now I can't se my partner in SL. Please help me!!
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