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  1. I uploaded a profile pic a couple days ago but when I went to change it again not all of the pictures changed. When I talk it uses my new profile picture but when I go to my actual profile its the old picture. I have tried reseting it but its still there. Its almost like I have two profile pictures at the same time. any ideas?
  2. I do have a display name I just want my username changed because its confusing for people because my display name is a girls name but my username sounds like a boys name. Does linden labs by any chance have an email so I could ask them to change my username?
  3. Ok so I am an active roleplayer and have a bit of a dilemma. I roleplay as a girl (im a boy by the way) but my user name sounds like a boy and it is very misleading for my fellow roleplayers. I want to change it but I know I cant. Ive been thinking of starting a new account with a different username but im part of a group that is a closed enrolement and I would hate to lose it. Also I would lose all my friends. What do you suggest I do?
  4. I have been looking all over for a good historical victorian roleplay community and I cant seem to find one. I tried out Legacies and I didn't like it very well. I'm looking for more of a historical roleplay instead of steampunk. Any suggestions?
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