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  1. I fixed it.. I reactivated my main.. And deleted paypal on her, Then entered it in to this account it worked fine lol J 
  2. Its defiantly NOT a paypal problem. Its something else. I’m now thinking maybe I should see if I can get sl to reactivate my old main to see if I can maybe cancel my b/fs paypal there or ring them again and get them to cancel it so I can try with this account again I don’t know. 
  3. Please feel free to place this in the right place as I’ve looked for a place for this post to go and well I couldn’t. Basically what it comes down to is, I had a main account and then I made alt… I closed my main account as I didn’t wish to play her anymore. That’s all fine and dandy. But my b/fs paypal account was on her and worked perfectly fine… So I deleted my main and wanted to switch the paypal account over to my alt and make her my main… Thing is its now saying that his account is unverified when in fact it is! We use the paypal to pay for our business online.. I rang sl payment team and they made me wait and told me its paypals issue and to ring them… But it isn’t as I’ve had no issue with this before until I tried to put my b/fs paypal account on this avatar… makes me wish I never closed my main now can some one give me some help with this please? 
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