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  1. Hi Fox, No I didn't know, and not really sure what AR able means. Thanks for checking it out tho. I just abandoned the land, as I 'almost' got one of the new houseboats... Didn't realize I didn't have the land allotment needed to get one of the new houses/houseboats on the new mainland.. grrr..
  2. FOR SALE MAINLAND 5632m Area 1933 prim $9000.00L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulier/204/27/25
  3. I have received the fix for the Malwarebytes issue that causes SL & my computer to freeze. They had me go back to an older version,(mb3-setup-consumer- turn off Automatically download and install updates 'Here is the email. I deleted the file link, as I have a paid version of Malwarebytes and not sure if I should distribute the file. Hopefully others will contact Malwarebytes and get the fix as I did.
  4. I find that Malwarebytes is my issue, as when I disable it, SL works fine. I have filed a ticket with them, and sent over the data they requested, but they do not see where malwarebytes has blocked anything. Malwarebytes did not give me a notice of any intrusion before SL & my computer froze. They are still looking into the issue. Until there is a fix, I keep Malwarebytes turned off when I log into sl...
  5. Before the latest download, my face light was working. I know I may need to go to preferences, but not sure which tab. Graphics maybe? Little help if anyone knows! Thanks... (not going to look like a shining star, it just helps the ava look better for me & pics) Thanks
  6. How do I delete the 'website' facebook from my profile, or at least change it?
  7. If you did not assign a 'last name' , your last name will be 'Resident"
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