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  1. Hi Fox, No I didn't know, and not really sure what AR able means. Thanks for checking it out tho. I just abandoned the land, as I 'almost' got one of the new houseboats... Didn't realize I didn't have the land allotment needed to get one of the new houses/houseboats on the new mainland.. grrr..
  2. FOR SALE MAINLAND 5632m Area 1933 prim $9000.00L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulier/204/27/25
  3. I have received the fix for the Malwarebytes issue that causes SL & my computer to freeze. They had me go back to an older version,(mb3-setup-consumer- turn off Automatically download and install updates 'Here is the email. I deleted the file link, as I have a paid version of Malwarebytes and not sure if I should distribute the file. Hopefully others will contact Malwarebytes and get the fix as I did. William Rowland (Malwarebytes Support) Jan 9, 11:39 PST Hello Jo, The research team has been able to isolate the issue - what they would like us to do for now is to go back to the latest version. You can download it from here directly - (delete file) just install it over the top of the other version and it should no longer be a problem. For now I would like you to turn off Automatically download and install updates Open Malwarebytes go to settings Go to the Application tab Under the Application updates turn off both switches When the fix becomes available I will reach out to you and let you know that you can update . Regards, William Rowland Senior Malware Removal Specialist Technical Support Specialist support.malwarebytes.com
  4. I find that Malwarebytes is my issue, as when I disable it, SL works fine. I have filed a ticket with them, and sent over the data they requested, but they do not see where malwarebytes has blocked anything. Malwarebytes did not give me a notice of any intrusion before SL & my computer froze. They are still looking into the issue. Until there is a fix, I keep Malwarebytes turned off when I log into sl...
  5. Before the latest download, my face light was working. I know I may need to go to preferences, but not sure which tab. Graphics maybe? Little help if anyone knows! Thanks... (not going to look like a shining star, it just helps the ava look better for me & pics) Thanks
  6. How do I delete the 'website' facebook from my profile, or at least change it?
  7. If you did not assign a 'last name' , your last name will be 'Resident"
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