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  1. Interesting. It reminds me of the colonial Spanish forts in Texas, New Mexico, California, and perhaps also Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Colonial_architecture Tampa has large Cuban influence that can be seen in Ybor, so perhaps that might be a nod to Cuba?
  2. Oh, I just saw this post and it reminded me of the Tampa Theatre! I think this must have been a design trend where there was a Spanish influence? Here is the Tampa Theater, built in 1926 Many Many detailed pictures inside and backstage here: https://www.cltampa.com/tampa/photos-one-year-later-tampa-theatre-reopened-to-the-public-last-weekend/Slideshow/12387847
  3. haha Fun! I don't have current dance videos, but if you don't mind a blast from the past, here is Gothmas by Gaslight 2015, and JapanFair 2014 UPDATE: This is a longer video I made back in 2015 when Winter Wonderland first opened, there is some silly dancing at 1:22. XD
  4. The Halloween Hunt was fun, I liked visiting homes and seeing decorations and inspired by a few house's decor. I did about 100, not really winning anything, but it was fun. And fun to see visitors. I really hope this style of hunt returns for..... *drumrolls* EASTER!!! Let's do it again for Easter Egg Hunt!
  5. I made a copy of the Rules. It didn't say to create a story, but when I submitted mine it did ask for a story. It confused me too. I thought 1/3 of the vote being for an original idea character (not seen before) would be important. ... Meanwhile, I've seen the "dress carousel" in SL before Mesh came along, even blogged one back in 2014 from Likka*House. (you can see here ) But the original part of the winning entry was a new design using the "dress carousel" trope. Credit for Artistry. Boudoir does this style of creation for as long as I have been in SL and it an Artform they seem the best at. Taking things like a skeleton and turning it into an elaborate wearable AFK art, or something wild along those lines. lol There were other parts of the Rules that confused me too. And I was very fortunate for a kind Linden to answer some questions I raised. ...But still, there was confusion never the less for many who did this contest, myself included. I hope next year things are more clear.
  6. I really love that LL did this contest, and the prize was very generous. This was the first time they did it, so missteps are likely. My suggestion moving forward: Instead of only 1 winner taking a huge cash prize, break it up and give love and encouragement to the many creative people of SL. One category for: Halloween Original Costume Creator( from scratch with either their own mesh, textures, and/or 100% legal full perm mess/textures.) One category for: Halloween Stylist Guru (person who uses legit created items from SL designers to create an unique and original costume) Honorable Mentions of all types of flavors as long as it follows the Rules. And a prize for everyone who enters. (A 2021 Linden Bear in Costume?) Also, in the rules I would make it clear that photo skills and background setting are not part of the judging. A simple White background, with NO photoshopping, is preferred. The Focus is the costume itself. P.S. I would like to add moving video, or Animated Gifs, to accepted form of entry. Some entries for Originally Created Costume Designs might be animated and have effects only possible in SL.
  7. Oh fun! I will join in! 1) what are you doing for halloween this year? This was my first time handing out candies. This year, I moved near my sisters home, and they are as crazy about Halloween as me. They have 20 years of Halloween decorations, 50% of thier home is decorated for Halloween all year too. Its the The HOUSE to come for Trick or Treating. Even during these Covid times, there were about 200 visitors. All very polite. Kids of all ages. 2) do you even celebrate halloween? Are you kidding, its Best Holiday of the YEAR!! 3) do you have any special traditions for halloween that is uphold every year? Nope. Every year is different. Some things go on for a long while but things change over time. For example, in the 2000s I would go to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. It started the year where I live getting hit with 3 Hurricanes. To be honest, I was traumatized by it. But I got the idea to go Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando was messed up too, but the show goes on. And I was just Blown away! The costumes, setting, music, jump scares... I don't scream. I laugh. I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard the back of my head hurt. And on the way driving home, I suddenly realized all that heavy weight and stress from the Hurricane season was gone. I literally felt lighter. And it taught me a powerful lesson... Its good for us to scream and laugh and be scared by things we know aren't really going to hurt us. It was a MAJOR stress reliever. I highly recommend it. Sports Games might be another way to just get loud and scream and release all that pinned up stress. 4) what is your favorite thing about halloween? Many things. I lean Gothic, so its like suddenly my comfort zone becomes mainstream for a bit. I also love all the Costumes. And Parties. Humor and fun loving. Its like the very best of all other major holidays with none of the downside (Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving). Its pretty low stress and just fun. Unless you didn't make your costume until the last minute. lol 5) what do you dislike about halloween? Negative stereotypes. (Devil, demons, serial killers, drunken assholes misbehaving, etc etc) Really do NOT like having a good holiday slandered or having bad people mess it up for the rest of us.
  8. Update... here is what I saw when I mistook the "7" for a "1" . The rare was #2, and not both #1 and #2 came up. Also, the cue shows you 6 plays inadvance.
  9. Hello all. Popping in with my point of view. First, I have love/hate with gacha as much as everyone else. And also I love Halloween. I used to love The Arcade when it first opened, but then it became less and less interesting to me content wise. I've been following the details and law in regards to gacha and how SL was effected. I have wondered and brainstormed myself what will happen next, and what can replace Gacha, and if The Arcade and other Gacha based events will return in a new format. And if they do, will I hate it? The answer is Yes, The Arcade is back. Is it still gambling? No, its totally legit. You know what you will get before buy it. Is it still fun? Surprisingly, YES! Infact, I was stunned just how much better it performed than a normal gacha. I scored a ton of rares easily! Why? My guess is the HUD is personal to you only. No more Sniping your hardearned Rares. It makes me wonder just how many times I played a machine to get the rare to come up and someone else snatched it from under me. Also, I knew exactly how many Dupes it would take to reach the rare (if I could see it in my cue). And I found even then, just playing was far cheaper than buying resells in the marketplace that were more then double the pull price. Normally, I only limit what machines I look at to only the ones I really really want to play. BUT with this system, I couldn't resist to look at each and every machine to see if my 1st pull was a Rare. If it was an item I would be happy to have, I played it. In the past, I never would have. And Rares that were on the first pull, i asked if any of my friends wanted it. Since my friends have similar taste as me, it was a no. lol So in the future, I will skip machines that have zero appeal to me or my friends. I don't do resells. I DID HAVE ONE PROBLEM THOUGH! The "7" ball and the "1" ball look the same. I thought the #1 rare was coming up but it was a common 7 that was turned to the side, and thats what threw me off. I felt stupid. I would like for this to more clear in the future. fyi, 1 ball is a red, 7 ball is purple. ACTUALLY, 2 PROBLEMS! The Vendor pictures on some machines were not clearly labelled what item was for that ball number. Vendor pictures need to be improved on a few machines. OR you automatically get a notecard when you play the machine with details of items inside and their numbers. To get around this, I just Right-clicked on the machine and brought up the edit menu to see what items were inside it. lol Also, for clothing items, be very careful what buttons you choose on the popup. The numbering system is not friendly. Example: PA107b, PA107c, PA107d etc PA107b is for Lara, PA107c Lara flat, PA107s, Legacy... etc p.s. I got everything I wanted on my first trip to the event. But I might return to see what ball numbers I get after the reset on SL midnight.
  10. You may need to do this yourself using prims.
  11. Thanks for sharing your work! I haven't messed in Zbrush or Substance Painter yet, but I hope to soon.
  12. My default is almost always = height 80, or 7'2" or 2.19 meters Sometimes for pictures I will go smaller to get more of the avatar in the image frame, height 50, 6'69" or 2.04 meters And for godly characters will go extreme with height 100 and deformer boosters for even taller, 8'77" or 2.67
  13. Sure I'll play! This is my most recent blog post for the Engine Room: The final, screenshot, and background. I take multiple pictures to make a final image. NOTE: the screencap and bkgd shot are not exactly what I used in the final, but gives you an idea what it looks like while I build an image.
  14. I had all my Florida Christmas / Beach theme Christmas decor ready to go. *crosses fingers and toes, hopes for Christmas miracle* About 2am EST last night, I gave up my beloved corner/beach houseboat, and jumped around on houses to scoop up other creation theme packs, but now you can't find any houses. And the mailboxes don't work. So you can't change the styles or grab creation packs. I even found an empty lot on a Victorian sim. oO
  15. WHOA! That is totally the same island, just hallowed out inside! XD XD XD OMG that day that island went on sale was MADNESS. So many people at the border waiting to rush in. Like the Oklahoma Land Rush. I was hitting that Refresh button so hard. XD Wow. I live in Deno. I think its a nice spot, because I have some beach land to the side, and long narrow stretch infront that makes for a great addition for the skye beach.
  16. Just curious, what do you mean by The Pickle? Anyhoo, I'm ok with clones regions IF they also include unique features. Like Horizons. Cool little areas that are fun to explore. But the houses, thats a lot of work and the demand is high, so yeah, a template makes sense. I just hope we have cool areas too. Of the new homes, I would say the Lodge is good meeting area, Traditionals have lots of interesting areas to explore, but Horizons has all the LH home regions easily beat on coolness.
  17. What's interesting here, is considering that kind of house you might get if this layout becomes a "standard template." What kind of house will you get if you choose land or water? 7 sand houses 5 shoreland houses 7 pier houses 4 open water houses 12 = land 11 = water ---- 23 houses
  18. Love! I'm so happy and excited. And FLOORED. This was my dearest wish for a LH home. I live in a stilt home in Florida. (...But not on the beach. I wish!) For those who don't know stilt homes, or have never seen them before, YES they do look that way! Skinny "legs" and top heavy. lol It's really just a wooden home jacked up off the ground to avoid flooding. These kinds of homes can be found in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Bermuda and the Caribbean! Linden Labs got it perfect, a Linden Lab's take on the stilt home style. It works. Well done Moles!! *claps* I love the little details, like sand on the edge of the road. Seastar on a pillar. Fish and seashell lightpost. The Boatbar... The Palms, sago palms, cabbage palms... All wonderful. It just makes me smile so much. The Tortuga is my current favorite home style. Nice open rooms. And because its only 1 story. (I do NOT need a lot of interiors, it just eats LI. I'm more about outdoors.) So Tortuga 1 story with giant porch for the win. And if it has shoreline or Water, that would be wonderful because you can rez a boat or jetski.
  19. PART 2 3) Gothic-Medieval-Old England... I'm talking stone or brick buildings, not wood. It could be English along the lines like Hogwarts, Middle Ages, Castles, Old English Cottages and gardens. Could work for Fantasy, historical, and maybe some goths like me can Vamp a mini-castle. -^ The community meeting area could be something like a magnificent bad ass gothic ruin. 4) And now last of my picks for themes... JAPAN! I loved my old Linden Japan home so much. The entire layout of that region was beautiful. I would dearly love an update of Linden Japan and gardens. ....lots and lots of awesome gardens. Community center could be a Japanese Castle, or something more fun and modern like a Karaoke bar, or the train station... I would come up with more ideas.. but tired and needing some sleeps.
  20. Awesome! Jumping in here with my TOP 4 possible home themes and good communities areas to go with them 1) Beach homes with water access canals, beachfront or near the beach locations This just seems to me to be a perfect theme for Linden Homes and would be very popular. The Houseboats are more Northwest in style, Seattle, but head to the sunny SouthEast for whole another kind of charm. I'm talking Caribbean and Cracker (farm house) theme homes like Key West, St Augustine, and the Bahamas. The house style are smaller, wooden, with wrap around porch, gabled and a tin roof, I think a good size for LL homes. Community landscapes and areas of interest could include: Flamingos, beaches, old brick fort and pirates, jet skis, underwater dive sites Sunken Galleons and treasure, a giant Banyan Trees with little treehouse/restaurant dining room inside the tree's limbs, East-west palms, crepe myrtle, sharks, manatees, palm trees, sea grapes, ... community meeting area could be something like the Castillo de San Marcos (an old Spanish Fort in St Augustine, think Pirates of the Caribbean!)... Could be a lot of fun. ^^ about the major key west home styles: https://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design-101/caribbean-architectural-style https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_cracker_architecture UPDATE: Now with more houses! Just trying to show the variety of styles for Caribbean/Cracker/Stilt. Houses designed to stay cool, weather heavy rains and high winds. High ceiling in all rooms keeps them cool because heat rises. Windows are shaded from the sun with a roof overhang which also keeps a room cooler. Wrap around porch to hang outside to catch a breeze. Stilt homes are near water to survive flooding and storm surge. Houses not as close to the water are still raised off the ground and rest on brick or cinder blocks. Beach and Bahama houses have awesome large single wooden storm shutters (one long shutter that can double as an awning), or a two side shutter on each side of the window (they are NOT decorations! They are needed to protect the home from hurricane force winds.) wheeoowww... Ok. That is really my #1 pick. But others include: 2) Desert Theme - Southwest, Sedona Arizona and Santa Fe New Mexico and Succulent gardens. Could go rock climbing, biking, hanging at the fire pit at night, and gazing at the stars. (might be fun to include some dust devils among the catus!) And the community meeting area could be something like Red Rocks of Colorado
  21. Questions creating Poses & Animations for Project Bento avatar: I'm very excited about additional bones being added to the SL Skeleton. 1) Once Project Bento is released, how will creators make poses and animations for the new bones (wings, fingers, facial expressions, etc)? In the past on the SL Wiki, was a downloadable figure rigged for Poser. There are also programs like QVimator. What tools will creators have for Bento to make content? Will there be any inworld tools for Bento pose/animation creation? 2) Will animations for Bento have the abilty to animate (or pose) separately? Example: A Bento facial smile that effects no other body part; a wing animation that only animates the wings; a finger pose that only poses the fingers. Also, will poses and animations for Bento have the option for full body animation? Thanks!
  22. THANK YOU! This is wonderful news! BUT ONE THING WAS OVERLOOKED ---- A bone for toepads. ( It really does matter having the abilty to pose the toes. SL's Scuba Flipper foot, needs to end. The toes are espeically important for Action Poses. (It would be only one bone for each foot to serve for all the toes as a "toe pad bone" with motions being back and forth, side tilts for left and right.) The abilty to create natural poses with faical expresions and hands would be amazing! ..... BUT it will be even more stark and out of place if the foot continues to be an expressiveless Duck Flipper. Imagine if the SL Avatar could pose naturally like this:  But not just human avatar would be improved by having a poseable toepad, so would Furry avatars with Digigrade feet, and all kinds of other animal like avatars like T-Rex. It's strange that all these extra bones are added for Furry type avatars but the Toepad is considered unimportant. Please, let's fix this.  oh! BONUS: Some rendered walk cycles
  23. There have been a lot of exciting changes in SecondLife such as the PaleoQuest and new Classic Avatars for noobs. I am wondering if we can expect more things like new games, places to visit, and avatar updates in the future, and also if there are any plans to update the Linden Homes with mesh style homes, (or perhaps a new theme Linden Home region built in mesh)? Thanks.
  24. Yeah, its very difficult to create a nice looking guy avatar. Roughly 80% of clothing content is female, and the rest is unisexand male. But there are styles that are not the Hip-hop style pant. Head to the Men's Department to get good original mesh content from some of the best male designers. You can also pick gacha for men at the Fantasy Gacha (look for !gO! and Yasum). There is also The Mens Only Monthly event. We <3 RolePlay usually has some nice things for guys also. You can browse the Mens Fashion Feed to see what all the shiny new things are. The Men's Department http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TMD/108/226/23 Fantasy Gacha http://thefantasygachacar.wix.com/fgcsl Men Only Monthly http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunset%20Ambiance%20Island/55/90/26 We <3 Roleplay http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evanda%20Island/92/50/4003 Male Fashion Feed http://malefashionfeed.info/
  25. Letter to Ebbe Thank you for listening to users. I’m going to keep this short and sweet with my wishlist for SL2: 1) AVATARS Thoughts: I’m very excited about the improvements I am hearing for SL2! Continuing the Ability for custom meshes, but adding custom skeletons will be dream for makers of anything that is not the adult human female Ruth. Questions: What about ability to make custom avatars seem alive? Will facial expressions, eye movement, and hand movement, or even toe movement ability come solely from the SL2 end, or will it be problem to solve for new creators of new mesh/skeletons, and/or weight mapping? Will SL2 have tools like an ability to add a morph targets to their custom mesh so that hands can morph movement, and face can morph expressions? Or is there some other idea in the works to create more lifelike characters? 2) FREEDOM Thoughts: Secondlife is like the Wild Wild West to me. We have an empty land to build whatever on it. We police our own. And it’s not tainted with RL political agendas and propaganda. Questions: I fully expect the new virtual worlds coming from Google or Facebook to datamine it’s users just like they do now on their search and social networks. Will SL2 keep it’s user’s lives, email, GPS location, viewing and shopping habits private like in SL1, or will it be information collected for sale? 3) MOTION SICKNESS Thoughts: All the hype about the VR headsets ignores the fact a lot of people can’t tolerate it without getting motion sickness. Questions: Will SL2 depend so heavily on VR headsets that those who can’t use it get left behind? Will SL2 continue to use camera shortcuts like SL1, so people are not forced into using mouselook or VR, or forced into low camera perspective locks that cause maze walking sickness? Will it be possible to “Cam Shop” in SL2? (that means my avatar stays when I left it, and I shoot my camera all over the place to look around and even purchase things far away, and there is no motion sickness, or lag, in doing things this way). 4) LAND Thoughts: Right now only a sim owner can set the textures of the land. Land and SL water is ground level only Questions: Will a parcel owner, no matter how small, be able to set the textures and landscape the land they own? Will it be possible to make walkable 3rd dimensional lands in the sky? What about SL water in the sky? 5) PREMIUM Thoughts: I am a member and I happy to support LL. I think it’s a good deal. Questions: What plans are in store for SL2 and Premium members? Will they be separate membership, or the same or will SL2 drop membership? Are you taking suggestions and idea for Premium? 6) LIVE EVENTS Thoughts: Right now you can only get so many people in a sim before there a major problems. For example, during the opening a big shopping event, people can’t get in because the sim is too full. On a live performance for dancing, music, or fashion show: the actors/dancers fail to rez, animations are choppy, performers who walk will have AO fail and have rubber band snapback lag. Audience members will crash and so will performers. What’s the point of a live show when no one can see the performance and the performance can’t be performed? Questions: Will SL2 have solutions to getting a lot of people on one sim without lag, render errors, crashes to people or the sim? Will there be tools like “render avatars on stage only” or will sims and SL2 work completely differently? 7) LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS Thoughts: It’s unique to SL that I can work people from other countries who don’t speak English in real time. The auto translator is a miracle! And that fails to communicate, I can just pantomime what I mean or show a picture, just like I would in RL. Questions: Will SL2 retain ways to translate languages? Or are there other ideas to improve auto translation? 8) PHOTOGRAPHY Thoughts: SL Photography is pretty amazing. I left other forms of 3d rendering for SL because it’s so much faster in SL. Questions: Will there be improvements to photography in SL2? One thing on my wish list is better control of my camera. I would to break it being linked to my avatar. If my avatar moves, the camera is moved out of position. This can be a pain. Firestorm has some advanced tools for controlling shadows. My graphics card can only handle so much, so I hoping SL2 will be able to do amazing things without drawing too much from the graphics card. Will SL2 introduce subsurface scattering? Or any other plans to take SL photography to the next level? THANK YOU! DevinVaughn http://devinvaughn.blogspot.com/
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