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  1. My default is almost always = height 80, or 7'2" or 2.19 meters Sometimes for pictures I will go smaller to get more of the avatar in the image frame, height 50, 6'69" or 2.04 meters And for godly characters will go extreme with height 100 and deformer boosters for even taller, 8'77" or 2.67
  2. Sure I'll play! This is my most recent blog post for the Engine Room: The final, screenshot, and background. I take multiple pictures to make a final image. NOTE: the screencap and bkgd shot are not exactly what I used in the final, but gives you an idea what it looks like while I build an image.
  3. This question is most important to someone new to SL. Like when I first joined, I was very confused because I assumed everyone was like me and not "role playing" a separate persona. I had people who had avatars very different from their RL identity and they told stories (lies) about their RL. And it made me very angry. (example: A guy telling me and my partner his parents were abusing him and he wanted to run away. After I started to look into the laws of that state as to what could be done to rescue him, he confessed he broke his probation and was going back to jail. OO!!) So... yeah
  4. I had all my Florida Christmas / Beach theme Christmas decor ready to go. *crosses fingers and toes, hopes for Christmas miracle* About 2am EST last night, I gave up my beloved corner/beach houseboat, and jumped around on houses to scoop up other creation theme packs, but now you can't find any houses. And the mailboxes don't work. So you can't change the styles or grab creation packs. I even found an empty lot on a Victorian sim. oO
  5. WHOA! That is totally the same island, just hallowed out inside! XD XD XD OMG that day that island went on sale was MADNESS. So many people at the border waiting to rush in. Like the Oklahoma Land Rush. I was hitting that Refresh button so hard. XD Wow. I live in Deno. I think its a nice spot, because I have some beach land to the side, and long narrow stretch infront that makes for a great addition for the skye beach.
  6. Just curious, what do you mean by The Pickle? Anyhoo, I'm ok with clones regions IF they also include unique features. Like Horizons. Cool little areas that are fun to explore. But the houses, thats a lot of work and the demand is high, so yeah, a template makes sense. I just hope we have cool areas too. Of the new homes, I would say the Lodge is good meeting area, Traditionals have lots of interesting areas to explore, but Horizons has all the LH home regions easily beat on coolness.
  7. What's interesting here, is considering that kind of house you might get if this layout becomes a "standard template." What kind of house will you get if you choose land or water? 7 sand houses 5 shoreland houses 7 pier houses 4 open water houses 12 = land 11 = water ---- 23 houses
  8. Love! I'm so happy and excited. And FLOORED. This was my dearest wish for a LH home. I live in a stilt home in Florida. (...But not on the beach. I wish!) For those who don't know stilt homes, or have never seen them before, YES they do look that way! Skinny "legs" and top heavy. lol It's really just a wooden home jacked up off the ground to avoid flooding. These kinds of homes can be found in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Bermuda and the Caribbean! Linden Labs got it perfect, a Linden Lab's take on the stilt home style. It works. Well done Moles!
  9. PART 2 3) Gothic-Medieval-Old England... I'm talking stone or brick buildings, not wood. It could be English along the lines like Hogwarts, Middle Ages, Castles, Old English Cottages and gardens. Could work for Fantasy, historical, and maybe some goths like me can Vamp a mini-castle. -^ The community meeting area could be something like a magnificent bad ass gothic ruin. 4) And now last of my picks for themes... JAPAN! I loved my old Linden Japan home so much. The entire layout of that region was beautiful. I would dearly love an
  10. Awesome! Jumping in here with my TOP 4 possible home themes and good communities areas to go with them 1) Beach homes with water access canals, beachfront or near the beach locations This just seems to me to be a perfect theme for Linden Homes and would be very popular. The Houseboats are more Northwest in style, Seattle, but head to the sunny SouthEast for whole another kind of charm. I'm talking Caribbean and Cracker (farm house) theme homes like Key West, St Augustine, and the Bahamas. The house style are smaller, wooden, with wrap around porch, gabled and a tin roof, I think a g
  11. Questions creating Poses & Animations for Project Bento avatar: I'm very excited about additional bones being added to the SL Skeleton. 1) Once Project Bento is released, how will creators make poses and animations for the new bones (wings, fingers, facial expressions, etc)? In the past on the SL Wiki, was a downloadable figure rigged for Poser. There are also programs like QVimator. What tools will creators have for Bento to make content? Will there be any inworld tools for Bento pose/animation creation? 2) Will animations for Bento have the abilty to animate (or pose) separately? Ex
  12. THANK YOU! This is wonderful news! BUT ONE THING WAS OVERLOOKED ---- A bone for toepads. ( It really does matter having the abilty to pose the toes. SL's Scuba Flipper foot, needs to end. The toes are espeically important for Action Poses. (It would be only one bone for each foot to serve for all the toes as a "toe pad bone" with motions being back and forth, side tilts for left and right.) The abilty to create natural poses with faical expresions and hands would be amazing! ..... BUT it will be even more stark and out of place if the foot continues to be an expressiveless Duck Fli
  13. There have been a lot of exciting changes in SecondLife such as the PaleoQuest and new Classic Avatars for noobs. I am wondering if we can expect more things like new games, places to visit, and avatar updates in the future, and also if there are any plans to update the Linden Homes with mesh style homes, (or perhaps a new theme Linden Home region built in mesh)? Thanks.
  14. Yeah, its very difficult to create a nice looking guy avatar. Roughly 80% of clothing content is female, and the rest is unisexand male. But there are styles that are not the Hip-hop style pant. Head to the Men's Department to get good original mesh content from some of the best male designers. You can also pick gacha for men at the Fantasy Gacha (look for !gO! and Yasum). There is also The Mens Only Monthly event. We <3 RolePlay usually has some nice things for guys also. You can browse the Mens Fashion Feed to see what all the shiny new things are. The Men's Department http://maps.s
  15. Letter to Ebbe Thank you for listening to users. I’m going to keep this short and sweet with my wishlist for SL2: 1) AVATARS Thoughts: I’m very excited about the improvements I am hearing for SL2! Continuing the Ability for custom meshes, but adding custom skeletons will be dream for makers of anything that is not the adult human female Ruth. Questions: What about ability to make custom avatars seem alive? Will facial expressions, eye movement, and hand movement, or even toe movement ability come solely from the SL2 end, or will it be problem to solve for new creators of new mesh/sk
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