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  1. when i try to get into my shopping cart it says sorry to keep you waiting we know about this issue please continue shopping and i cant check out?
  2. Very well stated but yet i dont think you understood my point there, i hve true friends here in sl and i said that there are the exceptions to the rule here in sl but there are far more bad people here than good, over the five years ive been here i now have my permenent SL wife it took me awhile to get her to see thas what i wanted i personally have never cheated on anyone ive been with here in sl or rl for that matter, I have played the game so to speak and realized that the game was so much more, ive have had my share of drama more than you would believe if i took the time to explain it all
  3. Lol im not jaded ive actually been here in SL for going on 5 years now actually im just sure of most of my observations to my Sl if your is different then good for you and i mean that. Yes i have have my share of drama here in sl and i do not deny that in the least. But again i say in my opinion this is just what i think thanks for responding and please feel free to im me at anytime...i love to have good discussions .....Freedom of speech the best thing we can have besides the right to spell stuff wrong as well lololol
  4. Wait wait, you chose the wrong ones again? Sigh when will people learn granted there are people behind the avis but sheesh really you think the fat lonely broken down derilects of people that actually play this game are friends? Grranted there are a few exceptions to the rules and yes i know iknow im being mean for stateing my opinon here but that is my right to do so. I see blogs and question about oh how do people not leave sl and rl apart , well i tell you this the moment you voice with them,share any sort of personal info with the opposite then you have blurred that line of SL and RL beyon
  5. LOL you women here in SL crack me the hell up, have you al realized Sl is just a holding pen for the freaks out here that can't afford a therapist or Prozac? You actually expect ot have anything close to resembaling a normal relationship here. SL is a breeding ground for jelousy and heartache. That is not what the game is truely for anyway. Personaly I would love to shake the hand of the people that invented this game the punch them the hell out, granted it is not their fault that most of us abuse what this game is about. As far as haveing someone tp to you from the map function,this is why th
  6. Hello is there a way to totally not show your online to any body inworld yet actually be online, I guess what IM saying is can I be invisible to everyone friends included when they try to look me up?
  7. Sorry to be the stick in the mud but i like sl the way that it already is... why fix something not broken?... LLabs get more memory and boost the lag issues instead? My jeans look anough like jeans already but they really scuk when i lag halfway across a sim just trying to walk across the floor ... jus saying
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