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  1. Is it my imagination, or is Second Life getting slower and slower?
  2. Sandbox test failed, with scripts in and out. I bet its those scripts. Now my question is, Are all the objects in the group like this?
  3. They don't appear to be demos. They appear to be part of a larger collection of objects. No where does the word "demo" appear. In sandbox now. Also gonna try and rez some other objects from the collection and see if they all disappear.
  4. They may be demos, they were in my inventory but maybe they were part of something else that was a demo. Gonna check that out. But wouldn't deleting the scripts remove that?
  5. Interestingly, they have not appeared in my Lost and Found folder. They just disappear.
  6. I am a renter, but I am far from my maximum prim count (just checked). I re-rezzed the items - they remain for like 5-10 minutes maybe and then disappear - and found a couple of mysterious scripts inside, which I deleted but they still disappear. Also other objects don't disappear.
  7. Yesterday I rezzed two objects - a painting and a vase to be specific - wearing the correct tag and a few hours later both objects had disappeared. None of my other objects have disappeared. I rerezzed both objects and locked them and the same thing happened again. This morning they were gone! Anybody have an explanation for this?
  8. I thought I had seen other hands, but now I am wondering if I just saw the same hand multiple times.
  9. I do know what the hand means. I apologize if my question wasn't clear. My question is why those particular sims and not others were chosen. I thought maybe it might mean something.
  10. I have noticed that some water sims in Second Life have been terraformed so that the large Second Life hand logo appears on the Map. Does it mean something that some sims and not others show this logo? Is there a list of such sims?
  11. Thank you all for your answers about whether Linden Labs throttles free accounts. As Prokofy Neva kindly pointed out, the issue is the last Linden update, which is resulting in lag on several sims, including Iris, my current Home sim. I am familiar with how Home and Infohubs work however (I am ten years old!).
  12. Hello, I have had two paid accounts with SL for ten years and spent thousands of dollars in SL. I recently decided to sell my land holdings and downgrade to a free account. Since I did that, SL is laggy and landscapes take forever to load. Are free accounts throttled by Linden labs?
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