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  1. I saw in a movie at some point that said dragons' fire breathing comes from their ability to produce 2 chemicals that secrete from their mouth on demand. And when they mix in the presence of oxygen then fire. So they would like, just not do that and totally just blow them out like me or you would. Source(s): Hollywood
  2. Thanks for the the detailed reply. Following your advice, I went ahead and just got appliers for Cawta and Maitreya. (should note in all this, none of this stuff comes with a "skin"...like the actual skin from the old days with Skin icon and everything...but one has to be equipped at all times. whether this is irrelevant bc of mesh idk, but i sometimes wonder if its the cause of my issues). ANYWAYS.... So i finally made some good headway and thought I was actually able to start learning the HUDs when...oh, not so fast. Why would it be that simple? I've only spent about 6 hours on this now lol. See attached. What would cause this? I cannot edit the shape that came with the appliers so. You can see the picture that theres a big ol transparent line down at the chin, and another up on the forehead (mostly hidden by the Demo tag). Any thoughts? I thought I had it and its one thing after another I guess EDIT: After some helpful people in the Chatwa Friends chat pointed out, those are from the DEMOs. Buying the real deal fixes this. Thanks everyone for the help!
  3. Also to clarify, the skin I'm currently using has the following Appliers that came with it: Belleza, Brazilia Doll, Classic, Lena, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Wowmeh Body. Since Catwa isn't listed, then I lack an applier for this skin to use with Catwa. Is that right?
  4. Ok, thanks for the reply. So in my case, when I go skin shopping I need to find a skin that has an Applier for Maitreya, as well as an Applier for Catwa? I assume Appliers are not sold seperately, they come with whatever skin you buy. So basically, make sure the skin advertises that it comes with Appliers for Maitreya & Catwa (or whatever combination of mesh body/head I want to use). Is that accurate? If it is, I think I might understand now. So it appears from the posts I've read that I'm just not understanding Appliers correctly. Are these sold on their own? Specific to a particular skin/vendor? I hope its apparent where my confusion is coming from. Thanks for the replies
  5. I was a SL veteran from ~2011-2013 at my peak, and after 5 years have come back and sticking my feet into the world of mesh bodies and mesh heads. I went ahead and started with Maitreya mesh body, which I'm starting to get a grasp on. So now I'm trying to work my way through some mesh head issues. Trying to stick with the most popular brands, I gave Catwa demo a try. 1) First, Catwa mesh heads come with their own Alpha layers (full body alpha, and head only alpha). You can't use both the mesh head alpha and then mesh body alpha, so I assume use the whole body alpha from the mesh head? 2) Next question is, does the Mesh head color take precedence over the skin tone of your avatar? Meaning, I find a Catwa mesh head I like, then I must use Maitreya HUD to match the color of Catwa mesh head; I can't do it the other way around? (Meaning, make the Catwa mesh head take on the color of my Maitreya mesh body). I hope these questions are clear and make sense to you all. I'm really, really pleased with the addition of mesh bodies and heads to SL! Now it's just a matter of trying to get my head around using them, pardon the pun!
  6. I'm returning to Second Life after some time and I'd like to change my Display Name using some special characters from the ASCII/Unicode notecards found in SL. My current Display Name has them, but I want something different. However, no matter what I try and copy and paste from these notecards, I get a message saying it contains invalid characters. I'm just using ones that I see others are using. Yes, I've already read everyones concerns about why you shouldn't use special characters. I'd like my display name to contain some simple ones, for symbols around my name, not for the letters. What's going on with this? How can I fix?
  7. Hi, I am new and I'm afraid I might of moved to fast, but I spent $1000L on a AO/HUD (Moonlights) package thats suppose to be loaded with animations. I thought you were able to just "wear" it and it brought a nice little menu up so you could easily use second life. However, when I "wear" it, it just brings up this huge purse thing that I cannot do anything with? I think I read somewhere that you had to "rez" these things to the ground, do something, then it pick up and you're good to go? There were not any instructions. Would a more seasoned resident care to assist? I feel a bit bummed.
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