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  1. Doesn't mean it exactly from that either. Internet connection and Sever connection can be a problem too. Unless you live in California on any states surrounding it I'm sure you're more likely to have a sever connection problem once or twice. Internet problems explain themselves. And sometimes things just happen, I remember when I used to get clouded all the time. The only way my avatar really came back was from me switching viewers, seems as if you're having a problem switching to another viewer and back solves it.
  2. Mesh is still beta, right ? :smileyfrustrated:
  3. Yes, i have tried many times while it was wired and i use a laptop. (Acer Aspire 5517 model) Here are some specs : http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/2009/acer/aspire/Aspire5517/Aspire5517sp2.shtml And just recently i have been having some internet problems i got that fixed today.
  4. I have'nt been on secondlife and like ever.. *imvu* cough.. But that happens there too its usually when something is wrong with your avatar (ao) so i would try to replace that if i was you.
  5. Thanks for the reply This is my alt account which ill be using for finical only So Which Viewer do you use may i ask ?
  6. This is my alt account btw I Had unistalled it but im pretty sure it was beta a version i got from their website Can i have a link to that version you just listed ? Processor: AMD Athion 64 processor T-F 20 Graphics:ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics Up to 896MB HyperMemory Memory: 2 GB Memory Card Reader : Multi-In-1-card reader
  7. This seems like fun I do still miss when i was in highschool :matte-motes-smitten: Maybe ill sign up later on my alt account..
  8. Hmm thought of two things when you said this one ruth pants (looks like polka dotted under wear) which is extremely glitchy i hear... and you should remove it completey Two Maybe you need to buy a new skin the nooby skins always have built in under wear since.. SL puts a block on a females treasures !!! Hehe
  9. Ive Been having the same problem you know when your cloud for like ever then when you do load you do load your A big chunky monster with nothing on no skin or shape my eyes turn all white and the only thing that loads is my hair but ill try to clear my cache and since im a safe person about where i go on secondlife for no on eversince my avatar fell into a black whole once what does pooley and smith have there e.e
  10. Ive Made an Secondlife about a year ago coudldnt get on cause i ahd alot of junk on my computer so i quited now im back with a better hard drive and i can use it again yay lol.. But I felt the same way i always felt like i was either shopping all the time when i got on never really talked to anyone and i talked my friend into creating an account Which is really good to have starting out the only problem is that now i gotta show her around lol
  11. OfCourse I am New... I Had an old avatar a year ago i could never get on secondlife since my computer had LOTS of junk on it Now Im back, With a new account and i am looking for work.. And i can offer what Skills i have behind the avatar Without The person behind the avatar there would be NO account .... And i have been on alot of virtual worlds most are the same ik the same guidelines
  12. Ok this is More Of something im looking for... Hello Im Dana Im good at Communication , Ive never been an business manager but I think if I Tryed I would do Wonderful At it Or if i got a few Guidelines, I need No Training all is need is to know the work and I will make sure its done right But other than that you can contact me with an PM or Here ,I will be able to contact in world once secondlife gets this eye bug fixed ,Seriously it makes my skin crawl But Thank You !!!!!
  13. Ok for all that are not sure what the Rank is.... Ok first we start out has new resident , then once we do more community posting and reading we will get a message showing that we got a higher rank... then we move on to resident which is average once we keep doing community posting and reading it goes up... then lookie here were at Honored Resident Then it repeats until you are Helper or Advisor i forget at times lol ... And no if you are not active they will take your status away once its there its never gonna go away unless it gets higher
  14. I would really like this job except its also a ''sandbox'' and some crazy stuff happen at some sandboxs this would be a great job for me but to risky the last time i went to a sandbox my avatar fell in a big dark whole and never dropped to the bottom .... if its not like regular sandboxes and just a club please im me ...
  15. I dont think i wrote that ''i dont have the best attiude'' And even if i did i was meaning to write i have the best attiude for the job... But Thank you For the Advice anyway Thanks For Taking The Time to Read Dana~
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