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  1. Wow, thanks for all your replies everyone, problem = solved. One thing I should have clarified: I'm not stealing the slave from their Mistress. I'm not going behind her back. It's all good. Its good that you guys mentioned that though, because that would not have been right. Anyway, thanks again for all your time and hopefully someone else can benefit from this thread. Enjoy ^.^ EDIT: Oh, I forgot. My solution was to buy a collar from Xcite! and add that to the slave's existing OpenCollar one.
  2. Hi all, I wasn't sure where to put this, so it this is the wrong section, you have my sincere apologies. But anyway, someone I know on SL would like to set me as their Master, and they're already collared to a Mistress. My problem is that they can't set me as an owner without their Mistress present, so is it possible for us to get a new collar or perhaps a different type such as a belt or piercing that I can own? The slave is using OpenCollar. If we bought a collar from a different vendor, would it work? All your help is appreciated, and thank you for their time! Skynative
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