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  1. The weekend sale for private regions Does anyone know how much is the monthly maintenance fee is. One place says 195.00 and another place says 295.00
  2. I can't move my avatars head up and down only side to side now since the new update. Does anyone know how I can fix this. I was able to move my avatars head up and down before update now I can't Thanks Roseysun I tried what u suggested and still not working i even went to default avatar to see if maybe that would work but still didn't. I hate not being able to look up or down
  3. I have a white dot over my head and i was wondering why.
  4. 500- error reaching meeroo db. does anyone know what this means 
  5. My question is on breeding meeroos. I have been searching and searching on how to breed rare meeroos and I can't find anything on how too breed rare meeroos. Can any one help and give me advice on how to breed rare meeroos. Ty in advance.
  6. Where do I get a note card so I can send it to a Merchant. I've been looking and can't find nothing on this subject I really need to know plz help me. I don't see where in inventory I'm sry I'm still new at this plz anyone help me.
  7. where can i pull up a transaction history ticket for inworld transactions because i bought something and they want the transaction history for the item cause i never received it.
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