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  1. Thx Dres ... But Every Thing Is Ok Here At Sitting .. And For The Speed Lan : Here Is faster than the old one ... and if you have Experience in the router sitting Tell me to talk to you on somewhere like MSn Or Skype Cuz i really want to figure it out.
  2. Thx Again Bro ... But the cafenet is for my friend and i'm alone most of the time there ... and i want to bassed the time here ... that's why i need to play this game ...
  3. I Try A Lot Of Ways No One Fix My Problem ...Please Helo Me ...
  4. Thx Peggy Paperdoll but what i have to do to fix this problem , and for more knowledge I can log to SL from another cafenet not from my home work connection , but the main problem is that new cafenet where SL can;t log in to it , I work in it and I be there for 10 hours . And the booth cafes I work on internet via Wi-Fi .
  5. yes i use my own laptop .. but the IP Address Change from cafenet to another one .. like this the old cafenet has this form : 192.168.1.*** , and the new one has 192.168.0.***
  6. this message they said to me ... we are having trouble connection . there may be a problem with the your internet connection or the second life Grid.You Cab Either check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes , click help to view the second life support Protal , or click teleport to attempt to teleport home.
  7. Hello Every Body ... I have problem to log in to my Avatare , I try alot of viewer and the same problem . i try to log in from another cafenet , and i can log in there , but the problem is that i work in that Cafenet where it doesn't work and i have a speed lan here and every thing is ok , I make a look to the raouter sitting and every thing is ok . but i didn't know why i can't access to the SL from here ? ? I Think I Have A problem With the DNS IP ... any one know some thing about that Plz Help Me ...
  8. When I Log In To My Account On Second Life The Buffre to the middle then send to me this Message : we are having trouble connection. there may be a problem with your internet connection or the Second Life grid. You can either check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes, click help to view the Second Life Support Portal, Or click Teleport to attempt to teleport home. And Then they give me three chooeses : Ok , Help , teleport. And I Try To Make A New Account And It Log In . And I Don't Have Problem In Connection Internet. So ... How Can i Fix This Problem ? ? Plz Help Me ..
  9. Sa3ed

    Age Verification

    I Want To Make Age Verification But I Can't,Because My country Syria Doesn't Existing. Any one can help me ? ? ? I want to make it Because I want to Work in the Second Life but i can't visit some Please.
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