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  1. I've been lurking around forums and SL hangouts about bondage/BDSM etc for quite some time now. I'm wanting to explore my submissive side, but there is a few things that would make it very hard to find a Master/Dom. Firstly I've never tried it out, so I don't really know what I would like or not, so I can't really dicuss and make that clear infront, but it has to be tried out, so a potential Master/Dom won't know what he is getting and also have to deal with me beeing some sort of a newb. I feel a bit attracted to beeing dominated and bondage, but not sure if I'm a natural sub, maybee a switch, but with stronger tendacy to wanting to be dominate, than dominating myself. Also I know I would never make it go into RL. For me SL and RL are totally different places and won't mix. Second and maybee the largest hurdle is that I'm not really into pixel sex. I like the flirting, teasing and cuddeling, but when it comes down to actually take use of your most private parts, it gets boring. I tried it, with both male and females, one on one and even in small groups of 3 or 4, but it doesn't give me anything at all. It was fun at first, but not more than it was fun figuring out how I could adjust my skirts so it doesn't go through my butt. Fun at first, but not it's repetative and boring. Though since I'm not interested in sex I won't totally disregard a female, but would prefer a man. as some things might be a bit on the border, while exploring limits and stuff, and I'm straight myself. Is there any place in SL where you can meet people that are interested in domating/bondage, but does not care about the sexual part of it? I've tried looking, but from what I've found, it's mostly about sex and throwing a little bit of bondage and dominance into it.
  2. I doubt he ment he can't play it becouse his 14, but a 14 years old just doesn't think the way adults does(well most adults that is). For a 14 year old to really pull of a good Dom would be extremly rare.
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