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  1. Yes Angel it is role play but your right There are places where people study and get a degree to add to the authenticity and realism of the role play. Knowing as much as you can about the role your roleplaying makes the experience better for both your self and the people interacting with you. 2 schools I know of that offer Medical training for Second Life are Whispering Winds Medical School Hillman University I have a PHD from Whispering Winds, you have to pay like any University course and you have assignments, practical work and tests and final exam. It is a big committment but worth if
  2. Yes gossip is bad for the soul so don't do it. Gosspip also involves using real names that is why it is called gossip. Helping people understand what can be done to them, to point out that we all must go slow and be careful in here as it can and is not only a fun place but a place where people can be hurt and manipulated is a good thing. It is also good for people to see that their own actions can hurt others. Love or what people think is love can indeed be blind and many seem to loose their wisdom, to be reminded now and again of being safe and treating others as we would wish to be treat
  3. What does an abuser do................they find out all they can about a person, even their likes dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses in particular. They then isolate that person from all their friends, then their family. They cut off that persons communication with others and they threaten them, either perceived or real. Usually vulnerable people fall into the snare of an abuser. Do not be fooled by thinking it is only Men doing it to women as right here we have a woman doing it to a man, assuming she is a woman that is. A man once tried to do it to me in here and I know he has done
  4. Petar you know what I think that makes it so much worse that is was only the people you mentioned as the owner would know you were there without a doubt and she was not flirting to the crowd (a poor excuse anyhow) but directly to him and vice versa as if you never existed. Shame on them both. What is wrong with people it seems SL is a place with no boundaries about hurting people caring about real peoples feelings or respecting committments.
  5. You sound naieve and young nothing wrong with either but it makes you a target of those wishing for a free "use and dispose". I know from experience it is best to look at making friends be a friend and out of being a friend a romance may develop with one of them. True love is also friendship and many forget this, lasting love needs you to be friends, and like each other as well as love each other. Try going to places you like, you can also join groups of interests, like dance clubs, classes to learn things, even shopping you cna run into people. Most of all be yourself and have fun. Girlfrie
  6. On the face of it I would also be upset if the sleeze was not told to stop as your happily partnered. Not making it known when your a DJ that your partnered is wrong when your getting hit on. It is one thing to playfully flirt with the crowd but to allow lewed and suggestive comments of the kind he made I think is over the top. Most DJ's I know actually introduce their partners if they are in the crowd and or have them somewhere mentioned in their profile. All round it appears to be very disrespectful. I would not think SL is a good place to meet if you want real life but people do and if y
  7. No being disabled is not a free pass to cheat or to lie. I mentioned it because I understand that in particular disabled people come here to have some kind of normalcy they can't have in the real world, like being able to walk, run, jump, dance, etc. It is a fantasy world for sure but to many people it be can become their alternative real world. In understanding this it does not excuse his side of things at all my point is why can't he be allowed by people who want exclusivity to be who he is and loved inspite of it, it might allow him to be more open and honest that he is not a one woman man.
  8. This week I witnessed something I want to share so maybe even one person will think about. A long time good friend of mine who is severely disabled was caught having multiple relationships. Now like me you might think so what he deserves to have fun. Well the problem was even though he said he had a couple of others he made out they were never online. He told each one he was with he loved them. Still ok in my opinion, but as he was a little secretive however you did know he was not exclusive and never would be. Along comes a girl who decided she wants him for herself exclusive and tries to m
  9. Ziggy, one wonders why are you in SL, but I really do not need an answer to that especially as you think everyone is dishonest and all women are fat and ugly or have mental illness? Your comments are quite a put down to women and yourself also, now i am feeling sorry for you if those are all the people you have met here. Us women all had a laugh because one thing for sure is you need a good sense of humour here. As far as your comment about relationships and not asking what a person wants, it is assumed that before one would do that they at least know the person some first and both want t
  10. It would not bother me but I can see it being abused by stalkers. Another things is I find people do not have manners any more and just TP'ing to anyone announced or asking if it is ok is just plain rude. It is like walking into someones house without knocking and waiting for an invitation.
  11. Well it depends on proving the truth of it, if that cna be proven then i would report it to SL certainly and if it was proven he was doing real life stuff with the 16 year old I would consider taking it further. You need to be careful you have real facts here and not a role playing couple.
  12. Because I come to SL basically as myself I will feel betrayed and want to know why not just be honest upfront. if i knew upfront i might still spend time with them and have fun, but find out later makes you feel your been taken for a fooland "used".
  13. I just find it interesting in my short life here I have learn't these things and wanted to share because it has helped me understand myself in the Second life setting and Second Life itself better. Everyone has their own agenda here and unless they share it with you up front, you could find your not on the same page. Broken hearts occur because of this and not being clear and honest. People are here for many reasons we know that, but it is also important to realise we all want different things. Respect is key here because someone wanting to share certain information about themselves might
  14. Very well put, good to see someone thinks and expresses thank you.
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