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  1. At the store my character works at on RP sim 'Dead End', employees are meant to tough the roster which is then meant to open up a webpage showing you your character hours etc. Nothing happens when I click the roster, and never has - any ideas? I'm using firestorm
  2. Received error message "cannot access SecondLife from this computer". I have posted a ticket to SL, and in the meantime called a number reccomended by a very helpful user, and the man i spoke to from LL confirmed that there were no holds on my account, and that I should be able to log in fine. So knowing that, and also that I can log in using a different computer in my home (its on my personal laptop that I can't seem to log in), does anyone have any super computer powers to help me come up with a solution? Thanks to all who answered in my previous post and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here!
  3. After trying to log this afternoon i got the above error message. I read about it on here and became worried incase my IP address had been blocked, as i have never griefed, taken part in any fraudulent activity or anything else to get myself banned. I downloaded SL on the Mac in my home (currently cant log in on PC), and it worked fine. Anyone know of a solution? (Have filed report with SL, but have received no reply as of yet, and after reading any peoples comments about how terrible SL's customer support is - i'm not expecting to for a while. So any help given here would be much appreciated) Thanks
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