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  1. It is a emachine with windows xp the message says. secondlife is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly or are out of date or unsupported hardware. please make sure you have the latest video card and even if you do have the latest try reinstalling them. It worked a couple weeks ago. I took it off and then tried to reinstall the viewer and i get this message. where can I get the drivers?
  2. Now I redid sl viewer 2 and a few others none of them work have to download a video driver even though it was working a couple weeks ago. Until I took it off now I cant get back on.
  3. I cant get on to sl. I took of the viewer I had and changed it to the veiwer2 and now i cant get on says I need a video card. I had one before\. How can I have this fixed? please help I am running on xp. Thank you Yvonne
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