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  1. Alexandrea Fride wrote: The isue is i have just set walkable object the road simbad = road walkable leave evryting else http://sltrack.me/pathbad_001.png simgood = road walkable leave evryting else http://sltrack.me/pathgood_001.png When i select stuff around it it whos me on buildings etc Pathfinding Attributes 'none' and on road Affects navmmesh I can understand that if you set allot of stuff to movable,static etc i can't just go and set 3.500 objects to someting ? i am new to pathfinding but i asumed if an object has Pathfinding Attributes 'none' it would just not calculate that and ignores it? and why would it affect the one sim but not the other doing exaclty the same thing Since Pathfinding came in after most of the "world" was built, it has to compensate for things that came before and make assumptions about them. Since some things in the world MIGHT move and the system doesn't know if any given old thing moves or not, it has to assume that they ALL could move. So if a non-phantom object doesn't have Pathfinding Attributes specifically assigned that means it's considered a "movable object." You can see that many objects in the listing are currently considered movable objects even though you didn't consciously set them that way. Of course, the vast majority of things WON'T move but the Pathfinding system has know way of knowing that until you tell it. You can select large numbers of objects in the list at once and assign them all as "Static obstacles." The only things you should keep as "movable" are things with swinging doors, etc.
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