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  1. Thank you Voo and yesh, always good for more pals. The coffee and donut was fantastic btw
  2. I agree, the chat is almost nonexistent in some places, but most are probably in private chat and don't pay much attention to local. Love it when local chat is hard to keep up with from everyone talking so much. When I first started in SL and passed by someone (or ran them over lol) I'd say hi or sorry!, but some in SL seem to run when you try and start a conversation. Haha, random people landing at your house, now we all have them locked We all want the same thing in SL, finding where we fit, but dang it feels like work finding it.
  3. What great songs everyone had, thanks for giving me such a great morning! Love the zanniness of this video.
  4. Is this a trick question? Gotta love the options for being able to ignore people like that. Don't let them ruin your SL experience, so many more good things to enjoy. I agree with everyone else, enjoy the same abuse for much less :smileyhappy: Hope your SL experience turns around for ya....
  5. And thank you Neal, what beautiful songs. No fair, those made me tear up a bit. I'd like to put in a request for the pair of wings please Hope I never feel like it's a bad thing...
  6. Thank you for sharing that song Diane. I can see why it's a favorite.
  7. Beautiful song.... I've met both in RL and SL and always hope true love will find its way to all. I join with you and others in holding on to that hope for that special love that's out there just for us. When you've found that one and are holding each other tight, words aren't even needed to feel their love.
  8. Don't take it to heart. It happens to all of us and I'm guilty of stepping away for a minute thinking I'll be fast enough nobody will notice. If I know I'll be away a bit longer though, I'll let my friends know, especially when dancing. I can't count the times friends disappear in chats and some just log off, but I try not to take it personally. :smileyhappy:
  9. You guys are hilarious, thanks for the laughs this morning. She's a hottie Nimue lol
  10. Haha such great names. Love smiles and laughter. I'll be Laughing Linden.
  11. I agree with Ardvinna, that's a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing that Neal. Time for a little country. Good words with this one, but I think the video could use some tweaking to make it better.
  12. So many great songs everyone posted, I wanted to add this one....
  13. I tried changing hover and then saved it and that worked, but I'll try the other way too of just exiting. Thanks for the tips, that sinking was annoying.
  14. Thanks so much for the welcome Marigold.
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