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  1. Vanilla Visa used to work - but now has stopped. No warning. That's it for me. I know some posters said that SL players will find a way to pay...not this one. SL is a great thing but if they can't figure out a way of taking my money without all my personnal information - then I'm off.
  2. Same here. I've always used Vanilla pre-paid cards and suddenly - it doesn't work anymore
  3. Vanilla Visa used to be the one pre-paid gift card that worked. For some reason, it no longer does. It's a shame. Linden is usually pretty agressive in trying to make money. This is one case where they don't want your money.
  4. Despite some of the negative comments - it seems something has happened. I tried my Master Card Gift Card and it worked! Also the American Express gift card works in the store - so good for buying things there.
  5. http://slnewserplaces.blogspot.com/2011/06/linden-memorial.html While I'm sure the data isn't out there on why they lost jobs - I'm sure it's more likely because of the lost income coming in more than it is any fault of the employees. For privacy reasons, I want to use gift cards. I don't exactly want the hubby to give me a hard time every time a Second Life charage comes up.
  6. Same problem here - was age verified then suddenly I wasn't. Still have problems with some regions - another example of something that should be simple being screwed up.
  7. This game offers things that no other game can, but it's incredibly frustrating wanting to spend hundreds of dollars in the game, but being unable to because 1. Second Life doesn't offer gift cards like almost every other game does. IMVU offers gift cards for Pete's sake. 2. Almost every gift card available does not work with SL. I've seen the post about blaming the card companies - but other games have been able to figure this out - why can't Second Life? I feel bad for all the Linden employees that have lost their jobs because SL fails at allowing this one simple form of payment.
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