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  1. That is bad I just want to speak to one linden about the interest in one area. I will try to contact him in world or on his facebook page.
  2. How can one contact a linden directly? Is it in world or is there an email address.
  3. Have a friend n SL who by accident loss and dump a major folder he needs for building is there any way for a person to get that folder or inventory back and what is the process please when you spend a lot of money in SL there should be a means to be able to do this if sims can be rolled back why not inventory
  4. Would a copy of the rl obit suffice where they have payment info on file
  5. Where can one report the passing of a person in rl who has an SL avi and what would be required to freeze the account
  6. Same neighbour who keeps bringing up demanding I remove what it causeing the shadows not asking demanding
  7. It is super tall on his land. This is a guy who has numerous issues he raised and try to get me at fault
  8. What kind of abuse report can one file about a neighbour who does this.... c02b5e5f83e9c35cb550871369f1720e line after investigation I found out and explained to him twice in May and a couple weeks ago "where (I have nothing on my sim) nothing is crossing the line and there should be no prims on your land what that is happening It's technically a bug - megas/sculpts/mesh don't render correctly in the map tile image. Unless LL update the map tile generator to handle megas, sculpts and mesh will do that no matter what sim one is on. on the world map cross over his property"
  9. There is now a ring available that shows someone wearing the fangs that is free. This ring will tell you who is wearing the fangs and the version. as long as they are 1.5m away you are safe.
  10. It is just on the world map over his land as I said no prims are crossing over
  11. I am really no worried however he does not like the shadow over his land however there are no prims of mine on his land as he could return then
  12. Could the fact we both built on the border be a problem I need to know as I think my neighbour is upset this is happening
  13. I have shadows not prims coming from what seems to be my land over to my neighbors on the "World Map". Not sure what would be the cause and how to correct it. I did notice as i flew up to 4096m on the mini map shadows from the neighbours lot over mine. We have in all cases built to the border is there any way to stop this from showing on the world map the neighbour is not appreciative of the shadows. Any information or advice would be appreciated. As shown in this gyazo link: https://gyazo.com/b09d36403cd322649542972997db31f4
  14. Has anyone any info if this is true? Web site says..... " BREAKING NEWS: FIRESTORM VIEWER REMOVED FROM TRUSTED VIEWER LIST AT LINDENLAB26. JULI 2014 Lindenlab, the creator of Second Life, has announced recentry in a urgend message, that the creators of the Firestorm Viewer has stolen thousands of Login details with his products the firestorm viewer. The lab told us after investigation that every user should change the password for secondlife as fast as possible and the viewer will be banned from login to secondlife shortly."
  15. I been getting many mixed messages over the changes in the "Terms of Service" I want to sure I comply when these changes take place or are affected on August 1, 2014. Can you please confirm which of the items below are included if not all of them when it comes down to "Skill Gaming in Second Life". Contest Boards. Raffle Boards, Sploders, Weighted Contest Board (No option to pay to enter but an allowance for anyone to increase the prize pot)
  16. I have log off and tried to see if that got them back it did not the inventory was there prior to the grid status saying "We will be performing inventory server maintenance on Monday, October 1st from 5:30AM - 7:00AM PDT." I like to have this back? I am not living in the future I am explaining what happen. The inventory went missing prior to this announcement leading one to believe that there is something wrong. Also people are sending me stuff as gifts that are not showing up in the inventory.
  17. I want a fix yesterday I dont want this in my inventory or its related links which i cant delete
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