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  1. I'm having the exact same problem. I have never had this problem. Before I logged out last time I was having a clothing glitch concerning my wardrobe so I decided to restart the viewer.. now, i think my account on the SL server end is in some eternal loop of death or something and I can't log in. Here is my info as requested: Second Life 3.2.4 (246439) Dec 8 2011 14:02:44 (Second Life Release) Release Notes CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 975 Processor (3616.45 MHz) Memory: 3326 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) compatibility mode. real ver: 6.0 (Build 2900) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series Windows Graphics Driver Version: 6.14.0010.7179 OpenGL Version: 4.1.10664 Compatibility Profile Context libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1 Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000 Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded) Voice Server Version: Not Connected Built with MSVC version 1600 __________________________________ and, i've tried logging in to all sorts of places including my linden home. i've tried clearing cache, restarting computer.. i haven't tried reinstalling the viewer but i get the same results from the phoenix viewer so I'm guessing this kind of problem is on LL's side. If it's not and someone has the remedy please share. ************ FIXED. i tried logging into the sim on an old account and it worked. after a few moments i logged out and tried my regular account and i guess the server worked out whatever bug it was and i was able to log in. wish i could say more.
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