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  1. I like to look at the destination guide online to find places to explore. I am trying to tp to a place but it will not open in my second life viewer. I have firestorm viewer and I use firefox and chrome. I there some kind of settings I have to do inorder for this to work?
  2. how do you do it if you have chrome instead of firefox?
  3. What are some good places with lucky chairs or lucky boards for men?
  4. I am on firestorm and I hide a few people because I did not want to be bother while I was doing things on sl. I then realized later that one friend unfriended me before I could made it unhided and he could see me online if he wanted to. Is there anyways to unhide someone who is not a friend?
  5. I read that there is a hud and I was wondering where you get it.
  6. I am using the Firestorm viewer and I am having an issue with tping unworldly. I was already logged in my sl viewer and was looking on marketplace for some clothes and saw this store I wanted to view unworldly. I tried to tap there but it tried to open up another viewer. I tried to do it again and it did the same thing so I xed out of the current viewer to see if that was the problem but it still kept happening. When I would try to login the viewer that kept poping up it would just take me home. I tried to tap unworldly from a different place and it did the same thing. I could tap unworldly a few days ago so I am not sure why I can not to day.
  7. Last night it would not let me get to the login page when I used my v2 viewer. It would get stuck on initializing texture cache. I would wait a few minutes and it would do nothing so I tried to restart my computer and do it again but did the same thing. Then i uninstalled it and tried it again but nothing different. I have firestorm so I tried to use that and that viewer worked fine with me. I believe there is something wrong with the second life viewer.
  8. I can not even get into the login screen for v2 viewer but when I go to the firestorm viewer it works fine for me.By the way I am login in home so it had to be something with the viewer.
  9. How do you delete the real life picture so it comes up empty?
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