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  1. Some 48 hrs ago switched from 32 bit system to i7 64 bit intel processor. till this after noon in 48 hrs I logged in for about 6 times on SL and it worked reasonably well though i complained of avatar jerky movements and these complaints are here on SL. Today, after loading the updates as they appeared my system is not responding, in fact the task manager also cant stop the process and i had to restart the comp. I tried to remove the downloded SL and reinstall the same. the reinstallation again is not working .. till the end and then giving me a report that `Program files\x86\SecondLife Viewer2\Win_crash_logger exe' file cant be opened. what is the problem and what remedy do I have, please help.
  2. Helo thx for a reply. essentially i am bothered by the less smooth movements of the avatar, after i started using i7 to which i switched from using the graphic card G Force 9800. I really dont know whats the cause.. do i need to do any preference settings more suitable to i7..or are there any settings more suited to this different processor. I often feel i need to adjust the graphic settings manually in view of enhancing the performance, is it true..?
  3. Helo and thx for the reply, i dont really know the problem of less smooth movement of avatar is as a result of my switching to i7 & and use of embedded graphic card or due to any other settings i need to do. btw G Force 9800 GT was the earlier NVIDIA card
  4. my client frame rate is below 10 , and is probable reason of my movements appearing jerky.. i use i7 Intel , how to improve performance in this ?
  5. i previously used NVIDIA Graphic card, SL worked to my satisfaction, now i have Intel i7 installed which has embeded graphic card, now of these two which will pefrorm better?
  6. Jorukagulam


    I have successively crashed about three times just about 15 minutes back, why is it so? it never happened since last about 3 months..system requirements are all being met.. am scared i wont be able to log in again.. what to do..?
  7. i am a basic member, how do i age verify myself without upgrading my membership..? 
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