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  1. sounds great. i would like to know more
  2. great post. I totally agree. Where are you taking the blender classes??
  3. Hi, I've just seen your advertisement and it sounds like a great concept. I am interested and would like to know more.
  4. Hi how r u? Just seen ur post. I would like to know more
  5. Hi how r u doing? Just seen ur post and would like to know more
  6. Hi my name is Kailyn-Imani Dexler. I'm currently looking for jinworld ob vacancies. I'm very enthusiastic, flexible, reliable, hardworking and willing to learn new things. please contact me on here or inworld. Thank you.
  7. hi i'm currently looking for work. please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you
  8. Hi I've been a resident on SL for a long time but left for a few years due to RL commitments. I've recently joined back and would like to meet new people for hangouts, partying, girly time, shopping, sightseeing and who knows....possibly a friendship. I'm fun, bubbly, sociable and friendly. I have a passion for music and would like to DJ on SL someday. Lol. I'm also keen 2 learn how to build and create my own products. So if you share similar interests or just need a new friend please feel free to search and contact me....Kailyn-Imani Dexler........or just leave a reply below....I will get back to you.x
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