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  1. Long story.short my laptops not the best..so until I can afford a new one I run unbunto off a flash drive.. Can I run SL off another--this one's a 64gig usb 2).. I've seen yes's and no's. generally, the people in the yes camp have posted complex code--that I don't understand that supposedly works. My question. Can it be done.. If so is there an easy way to ge about it? thanks
  2. I have chosen to use a wheelchair in SL as in RL, I bought a new outfit to and now my chair will not let me sit in it at all. When I attach it it just sits there with my av standing in it.
  3. For the past several days my Laptop processors have both been at 100% . How can I remedy this? but it only happens when I run SL
  4. I figured it out thanks(btw they were my coworkers(dancers)
  5. I am not sure if this is the right fourm to ask this but.. all day I have been having trouble..when I click on an avi with clickable body parts nothing happens what up with tha
  6. Does your club need a bartender--my avatar is only 21 days old but I do have experience and I am age verified--thanks Wheelieryder
  7. My avatar is only a couplr of weeks old but .. I need a jo--I am looking for a bartending position--I do have experiece Plz Im my In-world if you or on this fourm if you can help me thanks--wheelieryder
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