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  1. Funny thing. Was under the sea waiting for inv to load (as one does) minding my own business when ding [2019/07/31 15:58] *****.Resident: may be time to update? *giggles* ^..^ The nerve! So as youudo I pulled up the profile before bothering and behold : one of those AFK leeches. The very definition of a plastic Natasha. So will stay being comfortable as I am, thanks.
  2. Only my closest know me as 9e55f43e-3996-4783-82d7-929414b10e5a
  3. Its great since we switched back to drachma:) Hows the virtual hihi stock market doing?
  4. Linden Lab is not bound by 'Constitutions of EU' End of, really (As a European - neither am I outside those parts incorporated in my country of residence)
  5. To clarify (lest it be misinterpreted) P45 == 'pink slip' in this case
  6. There is an option in my prefs that reads 'Only friends and groups know I'm online'. I want other viewers to be forced to respect that. Period. The LSL functinality is a major problem and needs to be sorted, as a scripter I totally agree. And yes I am aware that scripted objects can check status regardless as I've used the thing. So either remove that illusion from the viewer prefs (thats from LL version 3.2.8) or make it work. Simple really. cheers
  7. Finally. Watched this thread for a few days and seen it veer away from what was a pretty troll smelling OP in what was in a way inevitable but...yep base line no we don't want child avs on our land and no we don't want to debate it and no we really don't want to restrict you from your role play as....its not our business if you do it elsewhere. Some of the real fears here are totally something i do agree with but that was not the original point. Coward for not wanting to debate? Yep totally. My choice. cheers
  8. Sassy - " If I set show me offline, them i'm blinking well offline to all intents." Totally agree, glad you put it in more erm polite terms than I would =^^= I heard a rather throw away remark to the effect that it would be excessive backend load but...no, unless a lot more detail is released, having that LSL call return what a users privacy preferences are set to does not sound like a system breaker. Of course this still leaves a users online status visible to anyone in the same group, which is a whole other kettle of swimmy things, but the fact remains that thats a manual check. Adjust the LSL response to reflect a users choice and no content gets broken.
  9. Basically do not see the point of this for all the situations/reasons mentioned. Indeed, why not just add "Stuff Received From MP" all on its lonesome? (and yes fix it so being 'Busy' doesn't make it vanish but hey thats only something we've been asking for so I suppose no hope of that) There again the little bloggy states this and DD are to be rolled out together so I expect this to be steam rollered anyway. Added Watched to Jira entry (now rated as 'misfired' ?)
  10. Thanks Rolig I can see how that could happen, luckily the viewers I use have a different layout and I probably only ever muted 'in person' as it were twice in all this time.
  11. Actually I've heard this before and was never sure - how do you mute yourself? As to be honest I'm surprised I haven't already by accident
  12. Well, apart from the 'file a ticket' auto response (and was way ahead of them with refs for the open ones I had already sent in)? We had a major problem for over a month where basically nothing on the sim would save (scripts, ncs) which made it pretty useless. After referencing said ticket, the bots at LC decided that I had a billing issue - which had been cleared 18 months before. That was impressive. Convincing them of that eventually (this was over several 'chats') the conclusion was (yay fill in the obvious), the confirmation that they couldn't actually refer me to a real functioning person and, yes, the charmng ' is there anything else we can help you with'.I may well have answered along the lines of 'Oh so what are you capable of then...' A real person did eventually fix the problem so something must have trickled through. I still have those 'auto response' conversations logged so I can bring them out on those lonely cold nights.. So what are they for? No idea but if they are designed to convince you that you really don't gain anything by having access to them they do a fine job. cheers =^^=
  13. Yep, seems the appropriate flag is the "Infringes IP Rights" one with the rider that only authorized holders' complaints will be processed. DMCA it is then. Interesting
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