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  1. Hello I noticed in my parcel i have that problem with the sky.what is out of my sim looks so weird.IS any option to can fix that or is so in every ones ? http://s1.postimg.org/q7sute3nz/4_2_2013_9_01_52_PM.png
  2. I think are in market place music streamers which play music out of what parcel plays.idk i am not sure.have to investiage!
  3. Hi everybody Was wondering...I own a full region (private island) On Land i try to build my stores On sky i added some skyboxes and i want to rent to some people and friends of mines.Was wondering.My parcel is not divived.IF i add a security system to every skybox is that able to work?i mean I use an orb script of 40 meters for each skybox.Can the security orb script can actually scan and create white and black lists and ban lines in depedency of an radius around the place i put the security script object?to be more understandable i have at lets say i.e a skybox at 245.124.900 and one at
  4. Hello I am new to developing in sl and i was wondering if is any tool or any special Bip in which i can load my bip files i have in my pc.Cuz what ever i tried till now even with abu nasu exporter even with motion builder no works for me. Thanks VNG
  5. Thanks! u got me out of troubles
  6. yean and i am prety sure are terminals and automatic machines can help on that cuz i saw actually..Thank u very much
  7. But i saw that in some Estates they even rent packs of 100 prims for some lindens more
  8. Ok i sound very newbie but actually i am. I have a region and i want to make some skyboxs to rent.But idk how i can set how many prims each skybox will be able to have...Any help pls? Thanks in advance Greetings VNG
  9. Min Barzane wrote: my fault,i forgot to mention prim physics type seting in SL building tools,sowyyyyyyy /me is blond Brunettes made the jokes for blonds at weekend nights cuz were all time alone..Geezzz SO no mather blond or not..ur help was great
  10. Duh....I lost a whole day to realise that i never did that step to set it as prim in building tools.. THANKS PEOPLE!!! Love u all for ur help!!! REGARDS!!! VNG
  11. so as Barzane wrrote in previous reply if i make in 3ds max the low poly surface that actually will be my physiq dae.(thing ) i did . IS that i have in build tool to set my mesh to prim?cuz i did not make that step.
  12. I wont lie.. I did not understood and much.. However thank u very much Waoa after all i am really a newbie in sl
  13. i did but still same problem So here an example of what problem i have ">http://i46.tinypic.com/2vtr3ao.jpg[/img]
  14. Hello Though years mesher i am a newbie in meshing in that 3d world SL. I have a problem...I do my mesh in 3ds max ..I export DAE..I upload it in Second life and all ok.I aply my textures.Everything is great The problem is that i walk on air.I mean i did a platform with fenses and railings around and i cant step on my platform`s floor..And i see my feet in the railing level.Has that to do with pivot position in 3ds max?DO i something wrong? Any help Would be apreaciated. Regards VNG [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/2vtr3ao.jpg[/IMG]
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