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  1. Is there a MP link for the decal? Love Trompe Loeil, but haven't seen that before!
  2. I agree, at least from my perspective -- I have a store at both the WH and Teegle sims. Which one is "better" is more of a personal preference though.
  3. It's being released at Enchantment this weekend
  4. That looks like the one I abandoned last night! (In favor of my alt's HB location.)
  5. This might help if anyone's stuck on the hunt Patch just posted on Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/2hEuAVC
  6. Well I found all the Halloween Swaginator gifts while looking, but not anything else lol. Wish I knew what to even look for with Patch's gift.
  7. This -- I was just about to suggest an "a la carte" feature would pretty much make everyone happy. Obviously you can't do that with only 2 membership levels, especially when one of those levels is made less desirable. People would simply pay for what's important to them. LL would then be able to see what's popular, and improve those areas first.
  8. Yayyyy, congrats & enjoy!
  9. Ooh thank you! It may not be free anymore, but will still get it later tonight
  10. Wow that was fast, 700+ in ~30 mins?
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