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  1. Congrats! Love the lighthouse view, the linden gods were on your side today
  2. I've been grabbing a few campers each day out of curiosity, and haven't seen Hooten Holler in a long time ... but on my first try today my alt got the island camper! Edit: The one next to it on the peninsula was claimed yesterday too.
  3. Aw my partner had that house for a while (until he got a slightly better location)! What I thought was nice was every other oceanside house in the region had a claimed date of April 16th.
  4. Congrats! I got Saltmarsh on my first try as well, though I need to un-addict myself from refreshing too Will hopefully see you next door occasionally!
  5. Saltmarsh (the Carcossa clone) is released too -- my alt just got one of the houseboats!
  6. That was my alt! Haha was trying to see if it was still in maintenance, and landed in the bushes
  7. Per the covenant there is no commercial activity allowed in Bellisseria, including renting. If you don't need the houseboat, why not abandon it?
  8. I've been done house-hunting since getting the best house ever for me, but I still follow this thread & everyone's hunting adventures We'll see what the new year brings theme-wise! I hope everyone has a great NYE!
  9. Ooh that's a nice area too, especially on an island! Can always try for something else w/ an alt though
  10. Such a pretty location! You're my neighbor, I got an amazing parcel there too
  11. I've never been this lucky with homes before, don't know what happened haha Maybe you need more time at one place before it starts to feel homey? Or you just haven't found "the one" yet?
  12. Nope! I gave up one in Red Hook and one in Bandstand.
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