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  1. Recently a friend of mine ImperiumLuporum Resident, also known as "Dr.Kamen" became enamored in a bit of SL drama, as everyone does from time to time. To make a rather long story short, someone gathered a group of friends with premium memberships, and a small collection of alts to falsely report his account, resulting in an administrative hold on his account. Is there anyway to contact Linden Labs, in order to tell the the truth about what actually happened?
  2. I seriously doubt that LL didn't know that this was a racial slur. It is a well known one in fact.
  3. One day while exploring SL and looking for an African American skin for an avatar of mine, I happened across a a sim with a blatant racial slur in the begining of its two word name. I was wondering if there was a way to report this to possibly get it changed as there is no reason to name a sim this.
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