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  1. I'm sure many like myself have been in and out of the sl dating scene. I personally am looking for a better alternative. Is it possible in sl to have a bot boyfriend that interacts with you and that you can control? If anyone makes something like this I am willing to purchase one. :smileyhappy: and I am not making this thread as an analyses of dating, why I want to control a man, etc., I just want to know if the option is out there. That would be awesome if so!!! Thanks!
  2. I am trying to find one that gets high traffic (not oasis). Anyone know one that gets tons of business?
  3. I am trying to find a good vampire man :) I am also attracted to power, I would love to meet one with a high position in their clan. But really just want to meet a nice guy in sl. If anyone can suggest where to look let me know! Thanks!! Lindsay
  4. I am in the Eternal Flames clan and they RP off and on. I personally RP as a vampire 98% of the time. Are you looing for a Role play city? or a clan where you can role play anywhere?
  5. Hello, I am newer to sl and really like it so far. I am here just to connect with others :) My main role is a vampire in sl, but I don't just stick to that role play. I love to do many things, like shopping LOL Feel free to contact me! Lindsay
  6. I explored and like it, but there isn't much info on how you become each race. I've seen several people w/ vampire meters that says how much blood they have in the game. I was wondering if someone could give me some info on how to become one. Thanks
  7. Hello, for some reason I can't figure out where or how you become a vampire w/o playing bloodlines. The game is just a huge money trap. I just want to be a casual vampire and be able to bite and drink blood. I'm not even really looking for a clan. I just want to be able to live as a vampire inworld. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
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