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  1. With this criterion, the casino can reserve the right not to pay the prize, and I have had this problem, the machine did not pay the prize and the owner only made me pay back the money played and the machine stayed online even though it failed , that would have happened if I won 1 million linden, very simple, I do not receive the prize and the machine keeps running, failing in its prize pay while the users continue playing and in a machine that does not pay. In short, the end does not justify the means.
  2. actually if I can win because if I can avoid the players taking the big prizes of the top, it is a less loss and above all they have spent a lot to get that position, that generates an increase to avoid a loss and generate a consume in order to get a prize, so I think it is not legal that an owner or associated casino can play. since they have full knowledge of its operation. If I put a poster where I announce a certain prize and then I myself participate and I take it myself, it is not very ethical.
  3. with that criterion I see that there is nothing that protects the player, since the owner can do what he wants, and if one day someone gets a lot of linden to win and then is banned or does not receive his pay as the owner does what you want, the games are not 100% skill because in certain hours and at times they stop giving prize and the vast majority know how the machines work, it is not very ethical that this is related to the establishment.
  4. I wanted to know if it is not considered fraud that the managers or owners or any person associated with the casino play in it, since I see that they try to overcome the rank of players not associated with the casino. As I see it, it is not ethical that the same associates win linden in their own establishment and apart they take the money from others In the event that it is considered fraud, I can present evidence of casinos and associates that do that
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