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  1. Ok, and how do I contact support? I tried contacting support@secondlife.com, but it said the email is no longer being used and sent me here.
  2. My old account name on second life is "Scotty Doomdale." Three years ago, I was banned for being underaged (13) on the teen grid, I am now 16, and I recieved this email from you guys: " Dear Scotty, Happy 16th Birthday! We've missed you -- and because you recently turned 16, we wanted to welcome you back. Please rest assured that we've held onto all of your inventory and relationships, so your Second Life experience is waiting for your return. There is a whole world for you to explore, with thousands of exciting locations -- check out the Destination Guide. Make new friends and find new things to do and places to visit. You can even jump back in with a new look by shopping for a complete avatar on SL Marketplace. Since it has been awhile, you may have forgotten your password, but that's easy to fix! If you go to our Support page you can put in your other account information and we will reset your password for you. Lastly, please be sure to look at our Online Safety Tips before coming back into Second Life. Welcome back, and see you inworld! Best, Linden Lab Customer Service Team " Does this meen I am free to play again? Because when I redownloaded the SL viewer, it tells me exactly this, "Login Failed Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer. If you feel this is an errror, please contact support@secondlife.com" So... im pretty confused here because the email seems to me like its saying its welcoming me back to the SL community because im am now the allow age for the teen grid, but when I try to get on, I cant because I am permanantly blocked from second life. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Ok so I was banned a good 3 years ago for being 13 and playing on the teen grid, im now 16, so is there anyway I can get back to playing second life on the teen grid again?
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