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  1. Billionaire's Lifestyle Hangout Sim , Feya II Islands (219, 211, 29) - Adult is the place to be, its now the new pleace of hip hop and soul soul & r/b hiphop music for all wth live djs daily open 24/hours
  2. your evil i bind u an your evil sprits an demons in the name of Yeshua Yeshua
  3. Sorry I don't have time to train people wish I did
  4. Trying to get good staff people that wish to work if not please do not waste my time an yours. No cons, no greedy dj that think of them self an not the club also, this has to stop in here so if you a:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:asking for pay other than tip pls do not im me http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caspoli/175/223/23Music Attitude Dance an Race Club@Caspoli, Caspoli (174, 223, 23) - Moderate good job nice club to make lindens at all is there for you all we need is you
  5. I was wearing the stuff was told i was nude got booted an banned
  6. How come i do not see many black people in the destanations? just asking i seen like one out of an zillon of others
  7. Music Attitude Dance an Race Club@Caspoli: Is seeking a Club Gen manager to handle a variety of responsibilities. Experience with groups, good communication Making sure the club is fully staffed on your shift., watch over the Lounge/Sim looking for potential griefers or lag issues, Dealing with complaints and issues from VIPs, spamming VIP group, attending a weekly meeting. Need someone who is trustworthy and dedicated. Salary based !10% of club take +100% tips the more events, partys you make the better you do, plus free home. This requires some training so be sure you have the time befor
  8. but it happen on marketplace an it needs to be flagged that we can do for false information on an product
  9. It was not linden labs or even the vender she use to send them out, its her she did it an put me out of the group an keep my lindens also . It was told to me from the maker of the vender that she did it. Than she told me to go to her land an do it, when I got an outfit from my own vender, I have from her. She give me back my right to send returns to the good people that buy my venders, but in return she put me also out of the up date group. Upset about her own rules that she posted on marketplace that we will have 100%updates in the group she put me out of the group so I will not have info
  10. She did do that she changed it an than push the new rule on us. than said its my stuff i made it i change what ever i please, that's after she took me for 5k than tell u if u don't like it keep selling it until u get your money back . In the mean time thy still getting paid. think if thy change the rule we need to get an100% refund as i did not agree on it when i buy it, but other vender state before u buy it that thy can change things an warn your of it, but she has not done that because thy know nobody in there right mind would buy it. i also might add that the ones that said thy will cha
  11. she called me an Bi*ch so i was upset I been called the n word in here for nothing more than being in an group, so I don't like being called any kind of name in second life or real. There are better ways to ask me whats going on than insult my English an spelling, my PC was an sill is givng me some problem, but keep English lessons:matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  12. Wow one bad PC an Iget over 200 hits hmm next topic, (people that think they are better than others with their spell checker help). In a Forum, Hmmm does chit in their azz smell better?sorry not a word check pro like you are.
  13. I am not and he, am women thank you. However, my PC had bad keys on my PC; I had lag on this page all is well now.
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