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  1. Hey, everyone. Thank you soo much for trying to help me. I got everything together already and found out it was all because of my graphic (which was on low) *giggle* I appreciate everyone trying to help. Take care!! XOXO.
  2. I recently bought a Felis skin pack (contain eyes, skin, and head texture) and face (which only contain a head texture and shape) from Bobtail. I needed the head mainly. So I went to Curious LM, and found a free felis head, but when I put it on, it doesn't fit with my head nor the Felis eyes. So what I did was I edit my shape, my head and my eyes, yet it still doesn't fit. Plus, the texture of the head doesn't look very nice. It isnt smooth and you can see half of the teeth sticking out which is attached to the head. I contacted the seller, and she didn't reply back to me... I've looked almost everywhere for the head. Can you please help me out I would really appreciate it and if there is any recommendation or tips a furry noob like me should know, it would be very helpful. Thank You, FallenBunny
  3. Hello: I've been dancing for several clubs on SL and have been unemployed for a month. I have 4 months of dancing experience. I'm looking for any type of club that are hiring. Just IM me or send a notecard. Date of birth on SL: 5/23/2011. Age Vertified Love, KAT (FallenBunny)
  4. Hi: I am looking for a job as a dancer, model, asistant manager, ect. I'm responsible, determinated, and loving. I'm willing to work for long hours (my rl schedule is very flexible). Sadly, I have no experience in working (never had a job), but with training I'll be good in no time. Any additional information, please ask. Love, FallenBunny (FB)
  5. Today, I logged onto my account and at the end it says I am not able to log into this region and that I should check my connection. I exit SL then went back on it again. And again, it said the same thing. So, I went to my other computer, logged on, and it was fine. I went back on my lappy, logged onto my friend account. And his was fine. Umm.. so I'm pretty confused. EDIT: @Loveangel: I've tried doing that, but it still says that I am haveing trouble logging in this region and that I should check my connection. From what I seen, it would load up to a point in which it will not respond. When it does respond, I'm in the region, but my avatar isnt rezzing, then I get disconnected. It's happening on my lappy, but not my brother computer. @Venus: I think you missed read what I wrote hun. I first logged into my account on my lappy. It didn't work. I went on my brother computer, logged on my account, and it worked. I went back on my lappy, logged onto my friend account, and it worked. The problem isn't because of me knowing my friend account (even though I made his account for him), the problem is connecting on my lappy. EDIT: @Venus: I've reset my router and also contacted my friend on changing his password, but sadly it isn't working.
  6. My bf has a major in game art & designs. He has the potential of creating anything with all the gaming programs he has. And he is wondering and willing to put the effort in creating items and such on SL and selling them to users, but he and I am confused on how it works. Can anyone explain in detail about the concept of it? Thank You. FB.
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