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  1. Since the quality of products raise very fast, and in additions to the premium sandboxes it maybe would be a nice idea if the Linden would use their best designers and give people the opportunity to get education on a higher level. Since the quality and commerce is raising within SL, it's hard to keep up for many creators. It would be commercially interesting if LL offer such a thing for premium accounts.
  2. I'm a bit worrying here. I downgraded my account. And it will be downgraded somewhere in august. (I did months ago) Now they tell me they bill me in july. Anybody has experience, that they won't bill me for a whole year? The avie doesn't have any land or contributed land.
  3. You can reset your avatar. You will look like a newbie again, but after that you can build up your avatar using all the skins and clothes you have in your inventory. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Resetting_your_avatar (viewer 2) In viewer 1 based software: advanced / character/ character test/ test female or test male.
  4. If you like to explore, I'm always happy to show people some nice locations. Some locations are good places to connect with people. Hugs, Justum
  5. You checked if the sim you were on does allow scripts?
  6. The Torch is a website that focus on new residents of Second Life. They have a few writers that focus on freebies and fashion.
  7. Yes, true. I use both. Text and voice. This way people who can't hear voice can follow the class too. Hugs, Justum
  8. I agree it isn't fun, but I realy see some improvements since 2008. Maybe not the visual techniques, but the quality of SL improved my opinion. I remember times when I was ruthed just because of the lag. Sims where it never was possible to walk normal because of sculpts. The same sculpted sims are walkable these days. And I remember also waiting for hours to be able to log in because the servers couldn't handle more than 70,000 people the same time online. Even if you don't see improvements, it doesn't mean there aren't improvements. And often you won't notice, untill you look back after a while. Beside of this Linden can't improve drasticly, because they have to test everything careful. We all have different computers with all different quality. What works for the one doesn't work for the other. If Linden would upgrade with big steps, would you be happy if your computer wouldn't run SL normally anymore? The restarts are my opinion necessary. We all need to clean our computer from time to time to make it faster. Since SL is virtual and is located on a computer. It needs to clear its cache often. We are with a lot of people in SL. We spread a lot of data. So I agree with Ayesha. It isn't always fun, but necessary. Hugs Justum
  9. It depends on the situation. I don't hate typing. And in general I prefer talking. When I teach I prefer voice, because you can react faster to peoples questions. In a discussion, voice sometimes is easier too, because you never know how text will be taken. You miss non verbal language. With voice you at leat can hear a bit more. Hugs Justum
  10. Thank you all. I still don't know what it was, I went back to a backup and now the issue is gone. Though I really have no clue, maybe a nasty update somewhere. Hugs Justum
  11. Ah thanks for telling me this! I don't like viewer 2 so far, but this is one reason to keep it installed:)
  12. Good points calling cards. A question about this. Lately I received a calling card. The calling card wasn't from the person I was speaking to, but from someone else. If I try to do this, it's forbidden. How can you send calling cards from other people? Hugs Justum
  13. I have tried about 10 urls. Same issue all the time. The music starts...after 5 seconds it stops. On every different parcel I can hear the music, except my home parcel. Let me explain another time what I checked: - Different computers - Different streaming media (urls) - Different viewers - I can hear parcel music everywhere...except my home parcel - I changed groups - I even changed the looks of my avatar I don't know anymore. Hugs Justum
  14. Yes I tried about 4 different viewers. All the same problem.:womansad:
  15. Yes I remove often friends from my friendslist. I even made a topic about it in my pics. Some people stay on my friendlist, but most I'll delete when I hardly speak them. What's the use keeping people as friends, when you even don't remember why you became friends? In rl I don't call everybody my friend either. It would be amazing if we could categorise or friends. Maybe then I would keep them all.
  16. Hi Since a few days I have a real strange issue. I can hear everywhere parcelmusic....except on my home parcel. I checked with different streams and also checked with several viewers. Everywhere the same issue. I even tried on an other computer....same issue. Can anybody help? Hugs Justum
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