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  1. Ay. thank you. You're right, of course. It is frustrating, though, so every once in awhile, I like to spout off and release some of my exasperation!
  2. Someone wrote ... "This has been removed by LL, but I can only guess why" Others are speculating that some abuse against furries maybe triggered this. See, THAT'S the real problem!! WHY can't LL at least communicate clearly and as often as needed, what is really going on and why? Many of us are paying customers, dammit!
  3. Really nice pic; someplace I'd love to get lost in!
  4. Thanks for mine, Hippie. Now I have someplace to wear my new Starfleet uniform. lol
  5. Wow, Hippie, this is so cool. Always wanted my own spacecraft. Thank you for offering this!
  6. That Barbie Jaws vid is funny and clever. Loved the credit roll, too. Thanks for a bright spot in my day.
  7. Hi, Do you have any outfits you saved as your original avatar? If so, just wear that outfit again and you're good. I'm sure others can halp you beyond this simple advice. This happened to me once, but I had a good and very knowledgeable friend who got my shape back. Good luck!
  8. This really is a nice, high-quality thing she's done. I recommend her blog first thing to any newbie friends of mine who sign up.
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