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  1. There not need to be rude I was just try to understand i dont get why people need to be like this????crackers!!! I was just try to find out what is wrong!!!
  2. I just check my internet connection it seem i have faulty wire so i think you need a new cable :C
  3. it happen to me & im on catzip viewer it seems to be with everyone much there list n list of it on search with google I can remember when i play secondlife without texture fuzzy :<
  4. It is annoy I sent complaint to LL but take for ever to get back I thought it was graphics card or memory but i see more & more of this complaint which ever viewer you use :C secondlife is not same anymore :<
  5. I have tried mostly above NOTHING I am not use FS the same thing happen on most viewers :C
  6. I also seem to suffer this it only happens after a while I have to keep switching viewers which is not good I have a custom built PC for heavy 3D graphics 7.5 ratings there and my speed is 7mps so the problem is ????? I have heavy duty graphics card also any answer to this dis heartning problem? Am I over playing SL maybe?
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