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  1. Thanks guys! For the past week I've been spending some L to snazz up my avatar a bit. It's good to know that the RP community here is friendly and easy-going on the noobs. SO... do any of you have suggestions for good newbie RPs? Or light sims?
  2. Hey guys! Okay, so I'm sorry if this has been posted a million times but I really don't know where to start. I have a history in blog and forum RPing, but nothing on SL. In fact, I'm pretty new to SL in general. I've been browsing through the RP lists and there are so many that look incredible. I'm just not sure which ones would be, I don't know, *patient* with my noobness. I'm really open to anything! Especially sci-fi or dark urban settings. What do mods look for in RP applications? How lengthy are history sections usually? How "prose" do you have to be? I know a lot of it is action oriented like "/me etc, etc" but how in depth are you all with your responses? I'm sure it depends on the game but I have absolutely no idea where to start. So if you guys have any tips or game reccomendations I would be FOREVER indebted to you! If anybody is launching new games or looking for new players, I'll be up for diving in if you wouldn't mind a noob in your midsts.
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