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  1. Four days ago, I placed a large limit order to buy L$ at 250 per USD. Each day since then, the Max Rate reported has been 250. Since L$ have sold at 250, I would have expected my order to be filled. Why wasn't it?
  2. The thing would pay more for above all others is better performance. I get sooooo tired of waiting for things to load. What puzzles me is that sometimes, about a fifth of the time, it's fast. Anyway, I would pay well for a premium feature that gave me better server performance.
  3. Now, I may need multiple HUDs on my screen. Many of them are much larger than they need to be. Why? Don't the creators understand that it's a plus if a HUD is only as large as it needs to be? And why don't more HUDs have the ability to be minimized?
  4. Some months ago, I got a VAW rigged mesh girly part, and it was, by far, the best I'd ever had. Last week, I got a Session The V, and it is way better. It looks very good, has eight states, and comes with an attachment that seemed to magically match it to my skin color. Best of all, I can wear most of my fitmesh pants and panties over it without it poking through. It's only shortcomings are the absence of a hide button on the HUD and its not having the Maitreya autohider script in it. It is available only for Maitreya, which is a shortcoming for non-Maitreya wearers. I just wanted to share.
  5. I would eagerly get a faster connection if it allow me to have better SL performance. Next week, I'm scheduled to get an upgrade from 80 mbps to 300 mbps; I could have gotten 1,000 mbps, but i couldn't see a reason to have that much bandwidth. I would also happily upgrade my computer and gladly pay more for more server power, if it would improve my SL experience. Would it be feasible for LL to offer a premium account that included better server performance? If they could, those who wanted it and were willing to pay for it could have it, and others wouldn't have to pay for it. I've wondered for years why SL didn't have better collision detection, considering how much better our experience could be if it did. If the only reason is that it would take more server power and bandwidth, then we should have the option of having it.
  6. FWIW, a couple of years ago, when I was entering a period when I could only use a laptop for several months, I bought a laptop that was specifically marketed for gaming because I wanted to use it for SL, and got the best options offered for processor and graphics adapter. It was expensive. It never came close to running SL as well as my desktop.
  7. Can anyone make suggestions of sources for skins and shapes? I would like an avatar that looks like a fit man of 50 to 70. The only older male avatars that I have seen looked ancient and decrepit, which is not what I want.
  8. I tried to make my avatar as similar to me as possible, so it has, sadly, a considerably larger belly than most avatars, and standard sized mesh cloths don't fit. I would like to wear mesh clothing because I think it looks so much better than painted-on clothing. I thought fitted mesh would be just the thing for me. However, I am having trouble finding fitted mesh casual men's clothing. I would appreciate suggestions.
  9. Where can I find the slider positions for men's standard sizes?
  10. I have been looking unsuccessfully for men's casual woven shirts that are worn with the tails tucked into pants. I found some on marketplace that were shown tucked in, but when I bought them I found that they left my midriff bare. I beleive that to have a tucked-in shirt really look right, it needs to have an underpants layer as well as a shirt layer. Does anyone know where to find shirts like I am seeking?
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