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  1. i dont have option for upload mesh in viewer.all i set.quiz.payment info.yesterday i had option today i dont have
  2. Its been over a week or more when i finished Mesh IP Tutorial.i scored 10/10 but when i go to mesh status it says "You must first complete the Mesh IP Tutorial before you can upload mesh objects. " Even if i click "Go to the Mesh IP Tutorial" and go to "Let's get started!" i takes me to 10th question where i can see my score.but when i go back to mesh status it starts all over again.Im age verified,payment info is enabled and i cant upload mesh.I tried for support ticket but there is no questions related to mesh?how to fix? Thank u
  3. booo for meshes.we will see allot of ripped stuff from internet.how they will manage to fight with copyrights?any idiot will be able to upload ripped mesh.this is bad.very bad
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