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  1. I am an educator and would like to create an island for high school kids. They will range in age from 14 to 18. I have several teachers that will need access to the island as well. What are the costs involved? How do I get the kids registered? and How do I get the adult teachers registered and have access to the island?
  2. Yesterday, immediatley after maintance was pulled on my island, my group members no longer have permission to build on my island. I've gone into 'World' scrolled to 'About Land' and selected the 'Options' tab and groups was checked; however, no one could build. I've switched to 'Everyone' and as long as I do not close out of that window everyone can build. When I close out of the window, then no one can build on the island. How can this be changed so that my group can build on my island and not everyone?
  3. I am trying to purchase $500.00 of Linden Dollars for educational purposes. The system will not allow me to make the purchase. According to the error message I am allowed to purchase $30.00. Can you open the system so I can make the purchase?
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