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  1. I guessed the guys were maybe confused about how to think of my avatar, cause I only got the compliments from girls while being a furry.
  2. Its interesting how different people react depending on your outward apperiance. For example at a beach. I was there two times. The first time as a human woman with blond hair (just a normal shape, no big ass or breasts you know) and I still got much attention from others being there. The second time I go there as a furry female. The avatar was made perfectly. High quality, nice hair.....all you can want for being a cute little junglecat. But it was funny, nobody said hello to me, but to the normal boring human girls that also came to dance a bit. But on the other hand I got in my IMs a few compliments for my avatar at the same time as nobody said hello in open chat. Its like in the real world.....people judge you by first impression.
  3. I really started to hate this update. I wanted to relogg and saw the new possiblity for an update. I started it but it crashed before finshing. I couldnt logg in since this and now I just try to clean my pc form sl viewer stuff and install the old version. I am frustrated, why do linden put such updates up that can crash everything?
  4. I tought of it myself some weeks ago, cause I play a game where it is possible to see in which region someone is plus seeing when someone is online by putting him or her on the friendlist (you don´t need to ask like in sl and he or she don´t get to know). It works fine, but the game isn´t conectet to drama like sl. I am not sure if the users in sl are able to handle with such features. I sadly think it would lead to stalking and such things. Hunting people to bully and so on. "Hey, who is that man, who talks to you?" "You visited a whore?!" "Why do you stare at that stripper and give her so much money?" Think you know what I mean In the end people will get more carefully in who they trust and create more alts to do the "bad" things.
  5. Bei der Betrachtung meines inzwischen beträchtlich expandierenden Inventars ist mir der Gedanke gekommen doch mal zu fragen wie ihr hier in eurem Inventar Ordnung haltet. :matte-motes-smile: Habt ihr euch ein eigenes Wiederfinden-System ausgedacht, alles mit Beschreibungen versehen, ein fotograpisches Gedächnis oder versinkt ihr inzwischen einfach im Chaos? Ich bin gespannt, vielleicht findet sich ja sogar Inspiration für mein eigenes Inventarchaos :D
  6. Ah, the age-and-photo thing. I saw some profiles which contented one of it or both. At first to the pictures: I mostly saw pictures that didn´t adulate the profileowner. Often my first thought was "do he/she has a mirror at home?". I know that sounds hard, but if I would look like a everyday-visitor of McDonalds or a nerd...I don´t think I would let everybody in sl want to know that. My personal reason to not have a rl picture is that a) I am rarely pleased with pictures of mine and b) I don´t want strange people to talk to me just because they know I am female in rl. Hmm...and the age? I never asked people about their age. If the conversation with them is nice and we have fun, why do I need to know the age? Other way, if people ask for my age, especially if they do that at an early point of our conversation, I get mistrustful I am not in sl to help them complete a dirty fantasy in their minds or whatever.
  7. Yes I remove people form my friendlist. Not often but sometimes. It has different reasons. Sometimes the person wasn´t online for a long time and I just have the wish to clean my list. Other times I remove people because they never talked to me again or don´t care about me in any other way (like when I asked them for visiting me or helping and such things and they never say yes). And finally there a the persons, who I later wish not to be friends with. The first meeting with them was nice and we talked a bit, just the normal way. But later, I find that they are a bit strange and I don´t have the wish to meet again or spending time together. Interesting is, that the two people who where that type of person where mens :matte-motes-tongue:
  8. Mit der IM wird es denke ich nicht klappen, darauf deutet zu mindest eine Notiz im Profil hin. Aber das "Rausreißen" klingt machbar....nur was genau muss ich mir darunter vorstellen? :smileysurprised:
  9. Eigentlich hätte alles so einfach sein können...ich bekam eine Giftcard für einen Laden mit wirklich netten Sachen, aber das Giftcardsystem brachte meine Shoppingfreude doch schnell zum erliegen. Aus irgendwelchen Gründen soll eine beiliegende Notecard zusammen mit einem bestimmten Item zur Ladeninhaberin gesendet werden, um die Giftcard einlösen zu können für ein zuvor ausgesuchtes Item....leider empfängt die Dame so was nicht per IM. Eine Angestellte sagte mir ich soll beide zu senden Dinge in ein Feld im Profil ziehen, das angeblich mit "Drop item here" gekennzeichnet sein soll. Ich habe das zwar im Internet auf einem Bild gesehen, aber ehrlich gesagt sieht mein Viewer ganz anders aus und es gibt für mich im Profil auch kein solches Feld. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen, für die englischsprachige Verkäufern war mein Problem scheinbar höchst sonderbar. :(
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